This $100 Doughnut Is Going To Give Your Taste Buds The Ultimate Luxe Treatment

Images by Observer and First We Feast

When Williamsburg debuts a doughnut that outshines (literally) the rest, there is no way you cannot write about it. Although New York is known for its extravagant adventures in the culinary world, we really believe this luxe treat has taken the cake, or the doughnut… you know what we mean.

Manilla Social Club is not shy when it comes to using the best (and most expensive) ingredients. Already being known for their Ube doughnuts that easily cost $40 a dozen, you know this Williamsburg joint is not messing around. Last week, the Filipino restaurant introduced the Golden Cristal Ube Doughnut on their Instagram for all the world to see. Made with Ube mousse, champagne jelly, Cristal champagne frosting, and covered with 24-karat gold, this edible concoction is what Scrooge McDuck would be snacking on whenever he would be bored in three in the afternoon.

Owner and creator Björn DelaCruz told First We Feast his reasoning behind choosing Cristal champagne, “The reason I chose Cristal over another type of champagne is because Cristal has really great honey notes which goes great with ube (purple yam). For me, it’s shiny and it’s golden, but it comes together to create a really great doughnut, as crazy as that sounds. ” Well, we like shiny and gold stuff, too, so I guess we can’t argue with that

If you are thinking of starting your day off with this circular dough of goodness , you might want to dive into your savings account. For as little as your next month’s rent, you can order a dozen doughnuts for $1,200. Or, you know, just buy one for yourself for $100. Either way, you are going to need a lot of dough to get a bite out of this latest trend, even though DJ Kaled tells us that we can buy whatever we want, when we want.

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Feature image via First We Feast and Observer 

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