My Girl Crushes: Boss Edition

They’re sexy, they’re stylish, and they run shit. Here’s why these are my girl-crushes, forever and always.


Jenna Lyons

Occupation: Creative Director & President, J.Crew

Biggest Accomplishment: Jenna started her job at J.Crew at 21 years old and 22 years later has found herself in the company’s most powerful position, next to Mickey Drexler. Hard work pays off, and the proof is in the pudding.

Why I think she’s a babe: Not only does she have impeccable style, she’s also a risk-taker who left her husband in 2011 to start a relationship with jewelry designer, Courtney Grangi. Love is everything.

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Sophia Amoruso

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal

Biggest Accomplishment: In 2006, she founded her company as a vintage seller on eBay. Seven years later, NastyGal is valued at over $100 million and is considered one of the fastest growing online retailers of all time.

Why I think she’s a babe: Not only is she worth $250 million big ones, she has turned down acquisition offers from Urban Outfitters, and early stage investment from multiple investors. She’s in control, devilishly stylish, and beautiful to boot.

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Athena Calderone

Occupation: Founder, Rawlins Calderone Design

Biggest Accomplishment: She developed a line of custom children’s products which sold out quickly and was featured in the NYTimes.

Why I think she’s a babe: She’s what I hope to be someday. Also a native NY’er, this ex-actress/model went on to become an interior decorator, and has a huge knack for food & style. She loves Dell’Anima (like me) and has a serious penthouse in Dumbo (like me, minus the huge & penthouse part). Not only is she model gorgeous, her blog is also my go-to for inspiration on all things food & design.

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Christene Barberich

Occupation: Founding Editor-in-Chief, Refinery29

Biggest Accomplishment: Her writing has appeared in The NY Times, The Daily, The New Yorker, and Gourmet Mag. *swoon*

Why I think she’s a babe: Every girl needs a fashion editor crush, right? Refinery29 has become my go-to online mag for all things fashion, lifestyle, and culture. Her voice, and impeccable eye for detail, has attributed to that company’s growing success, and I could not thank her enough for such a vibrant resource.

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Liza Kindred

Occupation: Founder, Third Wave Fashion

Biggest Accomplishment: She took her last company from 3 people to a 50+ people, which also happened to be a Drupal development shop. Her vast experience in both fashion and technology has led to her new path in founding Third Wave Fashion; a company in NYC that’s all about the intersection of fashion & tech. Oh, and hiring me. That was a huge accomplishment on her part.

Why I think she’s a babe: She’s a Leo, therefore she’s ambitious, strong, and sexy.  She’s also wicked smart, and she can impress any man in the room. What other tall, stylish babe do you know who can talk about the semantic web and whiskey? Plus she has a 13 year old and is an awesome mom.

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Love this post on girl crushes – I also admire Sophia Amoruso for bootstrapping a business that now is worth millions. Such an inspiration to myself as an entrepreneur.' Kimberlee says:

Great round up of fierce ladies!