2016 Edition: Instagrammable Eats in NYC That AREN’T Overrated

uma temakeria
Feature image by Ethan Covey / Bustle

Here at TTS, we love a good food Instagram. But come on, we get it. You’ve had the avocado toast from Bluestone Lane and the quinoa taco salad from by Chloe. We can all appreciate a good meal, and there’s a reason you see certain dishes all over Instagram. If you’re bored of seeing the same situation on your feed week after week (still love you, Black Tap!), look no further for your official guide to Instagram-worthy eats that aren’t overrated.

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dinnertable choco taco instagram

Photo via Instagram / @cy_eats

It’s a taco. It’s chocolate. The choco taco (more elegantly named “Taco Cioccolato”) from Dinnertable guarantees no bad days, ever. And while you haven’t seen it all over yet, this is one dish that’s about to blow up your feed. Pro tip: Don’t try to come here for just the dessert — it’s a full-on dinner establishment. Plus, their lasagna bolognese for two is also on its way to becoming an Instagram celebrity, so there’s that.

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black seed egg cheddar

Photo via Instagram / @sarahekoenig

Do these crispy little circles of holed bread look familiar? That’s because they’re the #11 from Black Seed Bagels: wood fired baked eggs, cheddar, avocado, & tomato. Less doughy than your traditional bagel, these better-than-your-bodega staples pack a flavorful punch.

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cafe henrie dragon bowls instagram

Photo via Instagram / @kvdenn

If the all-pink everything isn’t photogenic enough, snap a pic of the Dragon bowls at Cafe Henrie. These veggie bowls get their color from toppings like beet tahini and turmeric poached egg—seriously as tasty as it looks.

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bibble and sip matcha instagram

Photo via Instagram / @bibbleandsip

Before you call us out, let’s get one thing straight: we’ll only venture to Midtown for goodies like the Bibble and Sip matcha latte and cream puffs. Matcha madness is everywhere at the moment, but this one scores bonus points for the art.

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ice and vice ice cream instagram

Photo via Instagram / @cyndiramirez

Crazy colored cones topped with playful marshmallows and ice cream sandwiches? Count us in. Ice & Vice nails the ice cream game with just the right amount of over-the-top. PS: It’s TTS founder-approved.

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inday nyc instagram

Photo via Instagram / @breadbutternyc

Newcomer INDAY is the go-to fast casual spot for any aesthete. The healthy Indian-inspired bowls feature colorful ingredients like “not rice” (cauliflower rice), turmeric curry, and pickled veggies. Choose one of their suggested combinations or build your own tropical creation for the perfect snap.

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vinnie's pizza instagram

Photo via Instagram / @kathleenhatesyou

Feast your eyes on the signature pie from Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Pizza topped with more pizza. Kinda gross, but it’s been everyone’s fantasy at some point, right?

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tacombi cod tacos instagram

Photo via Instagram / @tacombi

Tacombi is popping up everywhere. Their Alaskan cod tacos get a photogenic boost from the addition of bright purple cabbage and lime. Let’s be real, any taco is a pretty taco, but this makes us want to celebrate taco Tuesday every day of the week.

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butchers daughter kale caesar instagram

Photo via Instagram / @rachlmansfield

If you eat something green and don’t post a pic, did it really happen? Thankfully, The Butcher’s Daughter has a vegan kale caesar that’s delicious and photogenic. Not to mention their earthy decor, which has us all *heart eyes emoji*.

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doughnut project instagram

Photo via Instagram / @twohungrypeasinapod

The two best carby breakfasts unite in this everything doughnut from The Doughnut Project. These pastry connoisseurs dreamed up a doughnut with cream cheese glaze, poppy and sesame seeds. It’s more sweet than savory, but the garnish provides enough crunch to hold us over until our next BEC run.

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el rey instagram

Photo via Instagram / @hungrygrls

Avocado makes everything a thousand times more photogenic (and that’s a fact). It’s no surprise, then, that El Rey’s Avocado Del Sur makes for such a pretty picture. So pretty, in fact, the tiny cafe-luncheonette even sells it on a towel – we’ll take ours with a side of these need-to-know swim brands, thanks.

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uma temakeria instagram

Photo via Instagram / @mollytavoletti

Here at Taste the Style, we love a good temaki from Uma Temakeria. They put the sushi burrito on the map (in NYC), and Instagram is still crushing on their fresh rolls. Create a custom wrap, or check out their summery collab with Luke’s Lobster.

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superiority burger instagram

Photo via Instagram / @ericwareheim

Burgers, chicken sandwiches—we love anything stuffed between two pieces of bread. But here’s the catch: this one’s a hundred percent vegetarian. Superiority Burger is winning over vegans and meat eaters alike with their vegetarian (and sometimes “accidentally vegan”) menu. These veggie burgers look like the real thing, and they taste pretty damn close, too.

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coconut ash ice cream instagram

Photo via Instagram / @alyssa.lenore

Exotic ice cream flavors are kind of our jam. Morgenstern’s Ice Cream just rolled out a coconut ash ice cream that’s pure black. Take note of what’s about to become the most Instagrammed icy treat of the summer. Be warned: the flavor does stain teeth, so it’s best to skip if you’re on a date.




Featured image by Ethan Covey / Bustle

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