We Caught Up With Our Favorite NYC Tastemakers to Talk 2018 Goals

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New year, new you? Most of us think resolutions are bullshit, but we make them anyway. Here at Taste The Style, we celebrate the go-getters who chase their goals and inspire us daily in the form of our Boss Babes. One of the secrets to their successes? Replacing “resolutions” with intentions, committing to betterment rather than perfection, and striving for personal growth. With this in mind, we caught up with some of our favorite tastemakers — some up-and-comers and some familiar faces — to inspire us for the year ahead. See below for some of the ways nine of our favorite leading ladies are preparing for 2018.

“Working for a global travel brand—Away—I’m constantly on the go. In 2018, we’re planning to expand in the U.S. and internationally, so I know I’ll be logging even more miles than last year! Whether it’s for work or play, every trip presents an opportunity to discover something new, so my goal is to truly take advantage of this—to be as present as possible, no matter where I am in the world!” — Emma Bates, Head of Global Marketing at Away

“I’m not sure I fully believe in New Year’s resolutions. It feels like a new year, but really, it’s just a new day. I love the idea of constantly and consistently setting goals for oneself throughout the year. A few goals I’ve set for myself right now are 1) To be very aware the of stories I’m telling myself. Are they stories to help or harm me and those around me? Are those stories ones that help me grow or help my fear/anxiety grow? My goal is to shift and focus on letting go of stories that don’t serve my highest self and focus on the ones that do. 2) One of my other goals is to change my tempo. We all live such busy lives and somehow that’s become the new standard. Feels as though our culture idolizes being busy and I want to make sure I don’t participate in that. I want to idolize efficiency and spending quality time with loved ones.” — Danielle Duboise, Co-Founder of Sakara Life

“In the new year, I’m setting an intention to share as much knowledge with others as possible. I often get shy about social media, writing blogs, etc. and am too critical of myself. I need to remember that it’s not about me. It’s about sharing the knowledge I have of nutrition and the power of living the Sakara Life with others, so that they can feel the transformation in their own bodies and lives, and to look and feel their absolute best!” — Whitney Tingle, Co-Founder of Sakara Life

“I’m not huge on New Year’s Resolutions—instead, I implement no-shop January. I usually find that if I resolve to shop ‘less’ or save ‘more,’ I neglect to put any hard-and-fast rules into place. But by resolving to not shop in January, I give myself clear-cut boundaries—and, more importantly, an end date to look forward to—while resisting the post-holiday sales. All the money I saved goes right into my savings account on February 1st. (Can you tell I shop a lot?)” — Lauren Caruso, Editorial Director at Bandier

“My intention for 2018 is to create. Last year, I focused very much on myself — my resolutions were around deep work, patience and accepting that we can only start where we are (the other way of thinking about this is — ‘zero fucks given!’)

Next year, I want to use that inner energy as a foundation and translate it outwards. One, to use deep work to transform our visions for ADAY to reality. Two, to be patient and invest deeply in the people around me. Three, to use the confidence from owning my strengths in order to have the humility of seeing where I need the strength of others, so we can create the best work / art / literature / music together. We can only create and fulfill our dreams with others.” — Meg He, Co-Founder of ADAY

“Here’s one of my intentions for 2018: Radical optimism. It’s how I manifest good things. What you put out to the world comes back to you. I’ve got a long way to go in mastering the skill but I‘m optimistic.” — Nina Faulhaber, Co-Founder of ADAY


“My personal intention for 2018 is to live in alignment with my soul and always listen to my intuition. I plan to do this by being confident in my word and trusting in my decisions, and doing so with strength, grace, integrity, and determination.” — Kingsley Delacato, Goal Guru and Adventure Director at SurfYogaBeer

“We already have a lot slated on our plate for 2018 with SKY TING, but my personal intention for the year is re-finding my sense of presence with myself. Even though I’m in a business all about ‘wellness and self-care,’ it’s easy to lose your self within it. And because a lot of the work done in service to others, I’ve realized I truly need to carve out space in my world that’s just for me. I have a few ideas on how to do that, but 2018 will be my year to explore!!!” — Chloe Kernaghan, Co-Founder of SKY TING Yoga

“I have one big SKY TING goal for 2018 that I don’t want to announce publicly yet, but it will be exciting! And I have a few personal goals for myself this year to enrich my life which include adding meditation to my morning routine, taking Italian lessons which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and learning how to surf! I already have a surf trip booked to Costa Rica in February with a dope instructor. Plotting things on the calendar is helpful for me to stay on track — once I sign up for something I’ll show up!” — Krissy Jones, Co-Founder of SKY TING Yoga

Written by Kirby Kelly

Feature image via NeonMFG

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