4 Wines to Pair With Your Postmates Takeout

Photo Cred: bonappetit.com

As you can probably guess, we’re pretty big fans of food and wine. We’re known to order three times the amount of food we’re supposed to and are not afraid to buy a bottle (or two) of wine after a long day at the office — you know, for research purposes. So when we heard that our go-to delivery service Postmates now delivers wine straight to our front door (in addition to our weekly takeout order), you can say we might’ve uncontrollably cried for a good few minutes.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, we partnered with Postmates to showcase four scenarios for when you would order takeout and the wines we think you should pair them with. Because no matter why the reason you decide to order, it should always — and we mean always — be paired with a bottle of vino.

Photo cred: Santa Margherita Pinot Grig

Takeout order: JaJaJa

When you don’t feel like cooking after a long day of moving, the next best thing is to order takeout to feed your hungry self. Take a jab at the recently-opened vegetarian Mexican spot, JaJaJa. Just like the name, this restaurant houses unique flavors and dishes that are worth a reorder. Pair it with a glass of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio to complement your meals thanks to its light and crisp fragrance. We say order the Enchiladas Mole for an “I can’t believe this isn’t meat” dish experience. We promise you won’t regret it.

Photo cred: Wolffer Estate

Takeout order: Two Hands Restaurant & Bar 

Whether you’re a freelancer or you have the opportunity to work from home once a week, it’s best practice to take a break from the hustle to eat and reset. Instead of cooking, treat yourself to a takeout lunch and a bottle of wine. Our picks? Two Hands Restaurant & Bar makes a mean Housemade Sriracha Shrimp Sliders Small Plate that you could perfectly pair with a Chardonnay from Wolffer Estate. While the Shrimp Slider is spicy the juxtaposition of the sweet Chardonnay will do wonders to your palate.

Photo cred: Kosher Wine

Takeout order: Chloe’s Softserve Fruit Co.

Even though we’re in the midst of summer, rainstorms have been making a frequent appearance and ruining our outdoor plans. Solution? Plan a girls’ night in with a bottle of Tzora Judean Hills Cabernet Sauvignon and soft serve ice cream from Chloe’s Softserve Fruit Co. Order the Crunchy Salty and allow the notes of the fruit and spices from the wine blend beautifully with the soft serve for a fancy(ish) night in with the girls.


Photo Cred: decoywines.com

Takeout order: Dim Sum Palace

Sometimes the best way to celebrate big milestones with your loved one is by ordering Chinese food, having a bottle of wine, and watching a terrible movie at home. We say open up your Postmates app and order the Palace Dim Sum Platter, and while you’re at it, place an order for a bottle of Duckhorn Decoy Sauvignon Blanc, too. While this combination isn’t fancy AF, we guarantee you won’t forget a night like this thanks to this killer combo.

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Written by Raven Ishak

Feature image via bonappetit.com

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