5 Fantastic Juice Cleanses for the Busy New Yorker

Cleaning, Detoxing, Fasting– call it as you will but we’re talking about juicing. This soaring craze was undeniably one of the most popular health trends in 2013 and from what we can see, it’s only getting bigger. If you haven’t been briefed on the current situation, juicing is all about cleansing the entire body while allowing the digestive system to rest. Plus, juices are nutrient dense so you’ll be flushing out all of the toxins all while intaking a surge of essential vitamins and minerals. Juicing can help with energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and overall well being. However, stay smart about this folks–if you haven’t tried a juice fast before, start out small… one to three days max!

Here are 4 juice cleanses that are perfect for the newbie to the master cleanser.

 1. Juice Press

With some of the best tasting juices out there, Juice Press offers a wide variety serving up tons of fresh juices and delicious smoothies. Their non-dairy “yogurt” is packed with probiotics (good bacteria) that helps your digestive system– and take it from us, it’s as delicious as it is good for you. Juice Press also takes chia seed pudding to the next level by adding fresh mango to the mix, creating a creamy snack for those of us with a major sweet tooth. Try them all here.

2. Elixir Juice Bar

With price points of six juices per day at $55, Elixir’s juice cleanse deal isn’t too shabby. Elixir also prides itself on using whole, raw, fresh, and local ingredients. There are no “filler” foods, and every ingredient has a healing purpose. You can order online here.

3. Liquiteria

In 1996, Liquiteria was pioneered the original cold pressed juice in New York City. Their juice cleanse is all about alkalinity; the body’s pH is measured on a scale of 0–14. At 7.36, your blood is balanced and anything below 7.36 is too acidic. Liquiteria stays true to the motto that juicing can help bring blood pH back to normal, which decreases the risk of inflammation and chronic disease.

4. Organic Avenue

Popping up all over NYC is Organic Avenue, a chic and minimalist approach to juicing. In addition to the juices, Organic Avenue has plenty of tasty salad and snacks. Our favorite part? Their easy to use app which syncs with your credit card and allows you to seamlessly scan to make a purchase. No need to pull out that bulky wallet here.

5. At Home Cleanse 

If you don’t have upwards of 45 dollars to spend a day on juice, we suggest taking matters into your own hands and cleansing from your very own kitchen. There are million of recipe options out there, but these are our favorite: VeganCooking.comJuice Cleanse 101.


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  • Thanks goodness for this list, I was just trying to figure out how to cleanse before fashion week.