5 Malibu Cocktail Recipes For Spontaneous Summer Occasions

Graphic via Paige Hogan

When the summer season arrives in NYC, the island becomes flooded with last-minute rooftop parties, late-night outdoor dinners with friends, and weekend beach excursions. But whether you’re the one who’s throwing the party or if you’re just part of the guest list, it’s imperative to concoct a tasty beverage to complement the evening festivities. We know it can be intimidating to create a cocktail from scratch when you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a mixologist. However, there’s no need to stress out when you just want to get your drink on. That’s where our friends from Malibu come in. We rounded up five of our favorite #BecauseSummer Malibu cocktail recipes for these spontaneous summer occasions to keep the season fresh and fun — because the only thing that should be stressful about summer is tan lines.


When: For your rooftop party where you want to impress your crush.

While most rooftop parties involve the basics like beer and wine, your rooftop party, on the other hand, is anything but basic. Impress your friends (and your crush) with the Herb and Berry Swizzle. Even though this cocktail involves simple ingredients, it looks gorgeous and will have your guests asking for the recipe for years to come.

Drink Ingredients:

⅘ parts Malibu original

⅕ part rum

2 parts lime juice


basil leaves

Add crushed ice to a chilled highball glass.  Add Malibu, rum, strawberries, lime juice. Stir. Garnish with basil leaves.

Photo cred: Malibu

When: For that time when friends drop in from out of town and you need to entertain in a hurry.

Ever have those days where everyone you know comes to visit at the same time? Instead of heading out to a bar where you have to talk over the noise, have everyone come over to your house and make the Malibu Black Cocorinha. With notes of orange and lime, this drink will get the party started without any heavy lifting.

Drink Ingredients: 

1 part Malibu black

1/2 orange

1/2 lime

1/5 parts simple syrup

Muddle chunks of orange and lemon in a rocks glass. Add BLACK and simple syrup, fill up with crushed ice.

Photo cred: Malibu

When: For a quick-and-easy drink before jetting to a summer music festival.

Nothing is more relaxing than sipping on a few cocktails before you and your friends venture to a music festival. Opt for the Malibu Swirl + Lemon-Lime Soda. It only involves two ingredients (you guessed it, strawberry + cream rum and lemon-lime soda). It’s sweet and refreshing and crazy easy to make. You’re welcome.

Drink Ingredients: 

1 part Malibu swirl (strawberries and scream)

2 parts lemon lime soda

Build over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with an optional lime, lemon or orange wedge.

Photo cred: Malibu

When: For when it’s too damn hot outside and you just want to hang with the girls indoors.

Sometimes girls’ night involves Netflix shows, pajamas, and personal tubs of ice cream. But if you want to take things to a whole other level, whip up the Bridgetown Breeze. With lychee, guava, and lime, this tasty cocktail will make you and the girls feel like you’re out on the town (without wearing painful high heels or dealing with crowded bars).

Drink Ingredients:

1 part Malibu original

1 part lychee juice

1 part guava juice


Add ice cubes to a chilled highball glass. Add Malibu, lychee juice, and guava juice. Garnish with lime.

Photo cred: Malibu

When: For when you want to quench your thirst after a day at the beach.

It wouldn’t be summer without a beach trip. You have your swim trunks and your flippy-floppies, but there’s one thing you need to add to your beach itinerary: the Manly Bu.  Made with lager, lemon juice, and Malibu original, this cocktail will perfectly complement that base tan with its golden hue.

Drink Ingredients: 

1 part Malibu original

½ part lemon juice

1 dash simple syrup



Add ice cubes to a chilled highball glass. Add Malibu, lemon juice and simple syrup. Top up with lager and garnish with a lime wedge.

Written by Raven Ishak

Feature image via Paige Hogan

Post is sponsored by Malibu Rum 

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