5 Things To Know About This Weekend

Image Via Robertas Pizza

Cheers, people, it’s Friday once again. Chances are you’re heading out of the city next weekend for the 4th of July, so we think this weekend you should stick to the classics. Brunch, shop, day drink, roof drink, eat outside, walk around, take a nap, go to Smorg. You know, just make it a solid NYC weekend. Maybe check some things off your summer bucket list (here’s ours for some inspo), or maybe just go for another eggs benedict morning followed by a rooftop hopping afternoon. Because whether you’re ditching the city next weekend or not, we think it deserves some love right now.

So by all means, you do you this weekend, but before you make too many plans here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Not to be a downer, but one thing that sucks about the weekend is knowing that it’s short. Soon it’ll be Monday. To combat this feeling, know that Roberta’s Pizza is officially delivering to Midtown offices until the end of July. There are rules – like you have to order 24 hours in advance and you must order at least 12 pizzas – but that’s why we’re telling you now so you have the whole weekend to plan.

2. Rihanna is starting her own fashion line. Details are still unknown but Grazia has reported that the fashion empire looks like it’ll be called $CHOOL KIlls. We’ll let you make your own judgments about that one.

3. According to Eater, you can now bid in an auction to dine at Momofuku Ko or to have one of Momofuku Noodle Bar’s fried chicken dinners at an elevated price. Why would you want to pay extra for what’s already a $175 or $135 meal? Because it goes to charity. Good to know consuming heaps of fried chicken is good for someone. Realistically, it’s probably easier to score one of these meals than it is to score a Fuku sandwich at this point. So consider it.

4. If you plan to workout this weekend, maybe, for once in your life, don’t wear head-to-toe Lululemon. Turns out they’ve recently recalled 318,000 cords used in women’s hoodies because they were injuring people. We can’t be certain if said injuries were due to Lulu’s design failures or to people like us attempting yoga poses that our bodies were never designed for, but in any case, something to think about when going to the gym.

5. On Sunday there’s a Frida Kahlo Brunch. More specifically, if you pay $55 if you can go to the Frida Kahlo exhibit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens before it’s open to the public, and after viewing the collection you’ll be taken on a “garden tram” to a Mexican brunch including mimosas. Yes, we know it sounds incredible.



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