6 Food Startups to Sink Your Teeth into

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When technology and food come together, it’s a marriage match made in heaven. With food on the rise in the tech world, it’s good to see the little man coming up on top. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a fortune at a 5-star restaurant to get high-quality food (because you know we could use that extra cash to buy our 3rd cup of joe instead). Food startups have opened the doors for us by pleasing our inner lazy girl stomachs in ways we didn’t think were possible, and we are eternally grateful. Whether it’s ordering a healthy meal to be delivered to your door in 30 mins or being shipped ready-to-blend ingredients for you morning smoothie, we’ve got you covered on the latest and greatest in food startups to easily satisfy your hunger.


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Instead of traveling the world to give your palette a whole new experience, let the world come to you. By subscribing to Try The World, you will be getting a blind tour of the world’s best foods. When Kat and David met back in New York, they wanted to combine their passion for travel and food and recreate the experiences they had enjoyed while being abroad. Every 2 months, Try The World gives you a ticket to a random country’s food and culture. Each box supplies you with delicious foods, a product card that explains how to use each item, and a culture guide, which includes a playlist, movies to watch, and food and drinks you need to try. It’s basically the perfect date night kit. So if you don’t have the cheddar to spend on traveling, subscribe to this box to broaden your horizons.

Subscriptions: Bi-monthly: $39 every two months; semi-Annual: $105 every six months; annual: $198 every twelve months



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If it says it in the name, then we should probably listen, right? Eating in NYC can be a little daunting. After dealing with subway traffic and bustling streets, the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is cook yourself a gourmet meal. That’s where Eateasy comes in. By choosing from a constantly changing menu of paleo, vegetarian and lean meat options, you are guaranteed one hell of a meal. All ingredients are organic with no sugar added and very low sodium. Plus, each item is handmade from scratch by a culinary team, so you basically have a personal chef at your disposal. Eateasy also designs the meals to maintain their quality after being chilled. This means your dish is going to be pretty dang tasty. The only work you need to do is open a bottle of rosé, and we know you can manage that.

Delivers: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am – 9pm; one week in advance in NYC only

Price: Chef curated meal of 1 main + 1 side: $9.95; Mix + match any 1 main with any 1 side: $9.95; à la carte is individually priced; $23 delivery minimum + $2 flat delivery rate

Photo Cred: Daily Harvest

Photo Cred: Daily Harvest

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Having your daily morning cup of produce shouldn’t be hard. But sometimes, when you want to feed your bod with a delicious smoothie, you either don’t have the right ingredients, or your produce has actually gone bad. To avoid all that extra stress in the morning, just subscribe to Daily Harvest for all your smoothie needs. Their blends are combinations of whole organic fruit, vegetables, nut butters and herbs. The cool part? The ingredients are harvested at peak maturity when nutrient content is highest and will last 3 months when properly kept frozen. Our only wish is that wine would be considered as a fruit for this subscription.

Price:  $7.99 per blend of 9, 18 or 27
Delivers: Every week; 2 weeks; 4 weeks or 6 weeks


Photo Cred: Reserve

Photo Cred: Reserve

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This app is where it’s at for dining out. Reserve allows you to browse top restaurants in your city and request a reservation. What if your spot is all booked up? Don’t sweat. With carefully curated recommendations, the app will send you alternatives to check out. If you forget your credit card, Reserve got you covered. Every transaction is done through the app, including the tip. And if you need to split the bill with your friends, you can do that, too. Seriously, what can’t this app do? If you live in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, make sure you use Reserve for your next night out.

Price: Free on iOS and Android + small fee for each transaction


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The delivery gods have answered our prayers for healthy alternatives to takeout. Munchery is perfect for those times when you’re too tired to cook, but you don’t want to eat unhealthy either. This chef-driven food delivery service has locations in San Fransisco, Seattle, and just recently, New York. Each daily menu item is prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients which are local and organic. Your food can be delivered to your door within 30 mins or schedule a delivery up to a week in advance. Plus, every time you order, Munchery plans on giving back to the community by feeding a New Yorker in need.

Prices: $9-$15 for entrees; about $6 for sides and salads; $2-$7 for drinks and desserts

Delivers: Monday-Friday 4pm-10pm

App: Free on iOS and Android.


Photo Cred: CUPS

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Coffee runs in our blood here in NYC, and it’s great to see that CUPS has accepted our addiction and provided us with a solution. Although our love for coffee is sincere and pretty romantic, it can burn a hole in our wallet like a true relationship can. Instead of fighting with yourself, download CUPS to save your sanity and your money. CUPS plans range from 5 cups (about $2.20 per cup, any size) to unlimited coffee for a whole month. With over 165 independently-owned coffee shops, cafes and bakeries involved with this app, it’s easy to say you need to join this party. Oh yeah, when you first download the app, your first cup of coffee is free. You’re welcome.

App: Free on iOS and Android

Price: Basic cups range from $11-$90 for unlimited coffee with a one month expiration; all drinks range from $18-$120 for unlimited coffee with a one month expiration in NYC

Feature image via Munchery

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