6 NYC Stores That’ll Satisfy Your Holiday Shopping Needs And More

So it’s come down to the wire and online shopping is no longer an option unless you’re into Amazon Prime, and well, that’s not the sexy way to shop.

Don’t fret, New Yorkers. These six shops have your back and we can promise their assortment will make just about anybody on your list happy; assuming everyone on your list has impeccable taste and you’re not shopping for grandma.

Here it goes…


37 Orchard St. (212) 266-4548

photo via W magazine

From the raddest pottery you’ll feast your eyes on, to chairs that are fit to be in the MoMa, this store has all the bells & whistles when it comes to the minimalistically-charming department. They have officially stolen our hearts.

Great for: Your best bud that loves one-of-a-kind home decor pieces.


269 Elizabeth Street, (212) 431-5683

photo via Love Adorned

If Mara Hoffman and Pamela Love had a baby, that baby would live in Love Adored– perhaps one of the most beautifully curated accessories and decor stores in all of New York City. Though mostly known for their assortment of accessories, Love Adored also has quite the impressive selection of beauty product ranging from candles to essential oils.

Great for: Your sister and her new apartment


144 10th Avenue. & 19th St, (212) 242-4853

photo via this is story

This Is Story is literally built for the holidays. This concept store is best known for their gallery-like approach; every 4-6 weeks they rotate the concept. Past concepts include “colors” “wellness” and “New York”. Needless to say, there’s something in there for EVERYONE.

Great for: Mom and pop’s stocking stuffers


135 Grand Street, (212) 925-3403

image via american two shot

Located in the hippest square of all of Manhattan lies American Two Shop, otherwise known as the store that brings out the inner kid in you. In addition to their adorable coffee stand, the shop carries emerging designers you won’t find anywhere else and knick knacks you didn’t know you needed, but must buy immediately.

Great for: Your younger sister who is obsessed with all things pink and is addicted to Nylon Magazine.


160 Lexington Avenue, (646) 837-7750

image via dover street market

If you haven’t been to Dover Street Market, get your ass in there immediately and brace yourself for a whole new department store. With designers like HBA and Supreme, this is THE store to shop at for that person that’s impossible to impress on your list.

Great for: Your younger brother who is way cooler than you.


98 North 6th St., (718) 599-0209


When all else fails, Urban Outfitters has your back and the best of the bunch is undoubtedly Space Ninety 8 in Williamsburg. Prepare to shop indie brands, a lot of natural products, and goodies you never knew you needed.

Great for: Everyone.


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