6 Things To Keep You From Looking Like A Hot Mess


I figured for my first official post on TTS, I would address a serious problem. Most may recognize that I have a considerably comfortable way of dressing. I don’t hesitate to capitalize on any opportunity that allows me to wear sweatpants in public. Quite frankly, I think we can get away with wearing just about anything these days; our bath robes can be worn to brunch as long as we compliment it with the right shade of lipstick.

There are 6 things every comfort-chic-chick must use if they want to roll out of bed and into a conference room without being tweeted about or secretly snap chatted. Here goes it…


For me it’s orange, for you it may be pink or red. Regardless, any outfit looks like you gave a little bit of a shit when you add lipstick to the equation. It’s old Hollywood. It makes your old night gown from Gap Body look like Dior.


Tops and jackets. I say sweat pants can only be worn in public with leather. Why? Because unless you want to look homeless, you need to pair those $18 H&M heather grey sweats with your expensive leather crop top or motorcycle jacket. It may not be rocket science, but you can’t find that tip in any library book or FIT classroom.


I’m not talking about your favorite vodka-cranberry club pumps. I’m talking about your little Dolce Vitas. A little bootie with a little heel can save lives (and reputations.)


And all necessary jewelry for that matter. Don’t wear your friendship bracelet unless it’s next to your rose-gold-whatever. Any choker necklace (metal) is absolutely guaranteed to make you look cool.


Please ditch your over-sized bag carrying literally your kitchen sink. It’s ridiculous. No girl should have a bag that large unless there’s 1. A puppy inside, 2. You’re on your way to the airport, or 3. You’re carrying bottles of wine. Lots and lots of wine. It’s just not practical. Size down, invest in something minimal, and show everyone how cool you are only carrying a metro card and a credit card (because that’s all that should fit in your bag anyway.)


There is absolutely nothing in this world more elegant than a ballerina, so let’s rob her from her signature hairstyle to take our bed head to a bun head. It will save us from most things: height deficiencies, that time we forgot to replenish our dry shampoo, and when we are trying to make any over-sized boyfriend tee looking so elegant.

Moral of the story: Everyone should always be ready for a secret Snap Chat…

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 10.34.46 AM

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