7 Instagram Accounts We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

I’m sort of ashamed to admit that a substantial part of my day is invested on Instagram. Luckily, I do consider it an integral role in my job, so the shame eventually subsides as I scroll through feed after feed. Another perk of the obsession is getting to tell all you folks about the creme-de-la-Insta.

Thanks to all the digging and Instagram trolling I’ve done, I have compiled a robust list of impressive accounts spanning from original photography to curation of outrageous images.

Here are the accounts we’re currently obsessing over so much that we could not wait to share them in our full 2015 roundup.

Brittany Wright

Brittany is a Seattle-based food photographer whose pictures make us want veggies way more than we ever thought we would. Her vibrant photography is also available for sale on Etsy; if you have a lot of white wall space available in your kitchen, make sure you snag a print ASAP.


Cubby Graham

Cubby has one of those Instagram accounts that makes you wonder where you went wrong in life. And not only because he takes a HELL of a photo but because he’s also employed by Charity: Water, one of the absolute best non-profit organizations in the world. If you don’t believe that he’s worth the follow, just ask the 774,000 people who do.


Sara Cath

Sara is an LA-based photographer whose feed will make you stop dead in your tracks. It’s colorful, curious and has the perfect amount of food sprinkled in the mix.


Beyond the Mag

Beyond the Mag is a soon to be launched online magazine that will go “beyond” what we’ve seen before. Its mystique and perfectly curated feed has attracted an impressive lineup of followers in such a short amount of time. We can’t wait to see what they have up their stylish sleeves.


Ida Hariri

Ida is Refinery29’s Instagrammer-in-Chief which just means one thing: GREAT FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s the perfect mix of travel, style and awesome randomness.


Pari Ehsan

Pari was nominated as one of CFDA’s Best Instagrammers of the Year for her impeccable feed of photos that showcase her in an artful setting. While the prize went to AGuyNamedPatrick, we feel Pari got robbed.


Phebe Shmidt

Phebe’s Instagram is like hipster Stepford Wives — meets the Blackhole Sun video — meets Nip Tuck. It’s creepy, pastel-clad and intriguingly amazing.



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  • thanks for sharing these accounts! I followed them all and can’t wait until they pop up on my feed… after I stalk all their old pictures 😉