A Beauty Fad You’ll Want A Head Start On For Summer

What’s this amazing new trend you’re going to wish you had started five months ago?  It’s called dry brushing and it’s sure to give you a silky smooth cellulite-free complexion from head-to-toe.

First things first, what is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is exactly how it sounds. You take a brush created specifically for dry brushing your skin (make sure your skin is dry…duh!) and brush upwards toward your heart and lymph nodes.

Why dry brush?

Your skin, the biggest organ in your body, works through elimination. The skin eliminates one pound of waste acids a day. It is the last organ to receive nutrients, yet the first one to show signs of deficiency or imbalance. Dry brushing forces your skin to detoxify itself by unclogging pores and stimulating your lymph nodes. The stiff bristles also help to exfoliate and de-congest your skin, making it softer and smoother. As a result, dry brushing reduces cellulite and wrinkles all over the body and gives you a soft, youthful appearance.

Things To Know When Dry Brushing

  • When dry brushing, it is important to make sure you get the proper brush. The bristles must be natural, not synthetic.
  • Do it twice a day. As we all know, persistence breeds success.
  • Pay close attention to the spots you feel need most work. The inner thigh and under arms tend to be common problem areas for most women.
  • Long strokes are vital when dry brushing. Stroking upwards toward the heart and toward the lymph nodes to target lymphatic drainage.
  • Apply coconut oil after you dry brush. Replenishing the skin with moisture will help keep the skin tight and soft, something all women (and men!) would like.
  • Take a very hot shower following your dry brushing session. Stimulating circulation will allow the skin to breath and refresh itself.

Added Benefits Of Dry Brushing

  • Toned muscles: Dry brushing stimulates the nerve endings causing individual muscle fibers to activate and move.
  • Strengthens immune system: Can reduce duration of infection and eliminate toxins and waste.
  • Better digestion: Unclogging your pores will allow your skin to breath and breathing skin contributes to overall body health.

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