Brands We Dig: Miita Collection

We love working with emerging brands (seriously, hit us up if you have an idea on how to team up.) So when Miita Collection asked if they could shoot us for their upcoming Style Stories series, we were all over it like white on rice.

Miita has two collections: the staples, which are pieces they’ve kept throughout their past couple of seasons, and novelty, which are made-to-order items. The reason we love this brand is simple: there’s something for everyone. There’s sparkle, there’s mesh, there’s silk, there’s fur, and as you’ll see from our styling below, it’s all quite versatile. Jessi proves that a sequined maxi can be rocked with poolslides, and I manage to pull off some Dick Tracy flair without looking like a total man. You can’t beat that.

Peep our favorites from our photoshoot below, and if you want to shop the look, head to their website and enter MiitaXTTS at checkout for 20% off your purchase. That code is exclusive to TTS so take advantage now before it expires on November 4th.

A huge thanks to Angela & Kristen for featuring us for the first style story and hats off to the amazing Gavin Christopher for making us look like real models (that’s what we like to tell ourselves, at least.)

For the full interview with Jessi and I, CLICK HERE, and if you like the images below, pin them, tweet them, hang them on your wall, do whatever you gotta do. We’re proud of them.


Photo cred: Gavin Christopher


MiiTA_Shot01_50 MiiTA_Shot02_16 MiiTA_Shot02_50



MiiTA_Shot03_45 MiiTA_Shot04_06

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