A TTS Makeover Story: The #TTSxFGMakeover Winner

After the total success of our first makeover post of our Editorial Assistant, Dana, we decided, why not do another one? I think we can all agree it’s fun to see a complete beauty and hair transformation from start to finish. And we must admit, it’s even more enjoyable to be able to give ladies the opportunity to do so.

From meeting the lucky lady, to watching her experience full-blown nerves throughout the entire process, and then seeing the end results (thanks to Michael from Foster Glorioso Salon and Elena Miglino on the face beats,) this makeover process was one for the books. We were fortunate enough to find a lady who was not only sweet as can be, but also open for just about anything. Well…okay, maybe not everything, but she had a pretty wide open mind when it came to deciding how dramatic we were going to go, which made it all the more fun.

Therefore, without further ado, let us formerly introduce you to our most recent makeover recipient:

Meet Katherine

Photo courtesy of @AdventuresWithStyle

Photo courtesy of Instagram – @adventureswithstyle

Age: 23

Birthplace: Ecuador

Occupation: Works at Chase Bank

Favorite things to do in NYC: Go out to try different food and explore new places in the city.

Reason for entering contest: “Well, not too long ago, I decided I needed a new hairstyle but I really don’t trust anyone with my hair. But, since I take selfies all the time, I went right away [to the Taste the Style post] and took the chance. I also took some time to search Michael and I loved his work so I knew I could trust him with my hair.”

Step 1: Making the Cut

Katherine Makeover Before

After full contemplation amongst the TTS team, (A.K.A. Renee, the Fashion Assistant, and Vanessa, the Photographer) with Michael, the hair stylist from Foster Glorioso, and Katherine, we came to an agreement that the first thing to do was give Katherine a sexy hair cut. She was already blessed with some very thick, lucious locks, so how could we work with it but give it some pizzazz? Chop it! That’s how. And that’s exactly what we did.

As you can see, with a steady hand and some serious scissor work, Michael gave Katherine the most adorable bob. Followed by some serious nerves and giggles from total shock, that makes…

Step 1: Complete 

Step 2: Let There Be Light

A cut is almost never complete without a color, everyone knows that. But, which direction were we going to go, is the real question. While we contemplated giving her a crazy color, since it’s all the rave these days, we ultimately decided to keep it simple, chic and a bit more professional for occupational purposes. To do so, Michael gave it a good “flicka da wrist.” (Yes, I just quoted Chedda Da Connect, and if you don’t know who that is, I politely suggest looking it up.)

To obtain ultimate chicness, it was quite a process, but we’re all smiles over here as you can see. So, being that it’s summer and all, the brighter the better, so, we hooked her up with a soft, copper ombré. Peep that blend of colors.

Katherine Makeover HighlightKatherine MakeoverKatherine Makeover

After a good blow out and sleek style, that makes…

Step 2: Complete

Step 3: Beat it Up

Moving along to probably our most favorite part, it was time for Elena to step in and work her own kind of magic. Makeup magic that is. And might we say, it’s always amazing what a good set of lashes, a bold lip and a carefully crafted lined eye can do for a look.

Katherine Makeover

That contour though…

Katherine Makeover

We’re just wingin’ this thing…and of course, after a bright lip, you’ve got…

Step 3: Complete

Step 4: The Reveal is doNUTS

Ta daaaaaa!! Finally, that part you (and we) have all been waiting for. This reveal is a super big deal (yeah, and that rhymed for a reason) because the transformation is just breathtaking. After gawking over how gorgeous Katherine looked from head-to-toe, we ran across the street to Dough to not only show off her new look to the world, but also indulge in some delicious treats. I mean, let’s keep it real, we are a fashion AND food site, and after all that work, we were all pretty hungry… 

We’re so happy Katherine loved her new look. We know did we. Special thanks to Foster Glorioso for allowing us to take over the salon and for doing an amazing job on Katherine’s hair. Also, another thank you to Elena Miglino for the makeup work. She sure did look fab. And last but not least, HUGE thanks to miss Katherine for letting us give her a total hair and makeup transformation. We couldn’t have asked for a better sport. So, after a wonderful day and some full tummies, that makes…

Step 4: Complete


Foster Glorioso

5 East 19th Street 4th Floor

New York, NY 10003



Photography by Vanessa Granda

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