How to Achieve Clear Skin Through Healthy Eating

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You know when you hit puberty and it seems like you’re the only person it’s affecting? Everyone hits it differently, some girls grew boobs overnight (definitely not my case), some girls got crazy hips (also not my case), and some of us started sprouting pimples way before anyone else (definitely my case). For most of middle and high school, I felt like I was the only person with pimples. I saw clear skin everywhere I looked and it was a serious hit to my ego. I did everything I could to keep my skin under control, but it never quite looked clear. That is until my third year of college when I started putting in my body what I wanted to see on the outside.

Some of the staples in my newfound healthy lifestyle are spinach, blueberries, green tea, detox tea, and water. I try and sneak spinach into anything I possibly can, from muffins to smoothies — yes, I eat a ton of spinach. Blueberries are also a huge staple for me because they are super anti-inflammatory and they leave my skin looking calm, rather than being angry and red. Now I actually don’t drink coffee because I read it can really irritate your hormones and cause extra oil production, so when I need a huge caffeine boost, I opt for matcha. But on an everyday basis, I drink one to two cups of green tea, as well as a cup of Traditional Medicinals Detox Tea as it promotes healthy skin. Last but not least, however, is water. I have a huge 32oz Gatorade water bottle that I fill up four to five times a day. To answer your question, yes, I pee a LOT, but my skin looks really good while I do it.

My breakfast changes every day, but I have some go-to’s that I find are really healthy, don’t include a lot of added sugar, and are dairy-free. Overnight oats with almond milk, almond butter, and mashed banana seriously hits the spot. If I’m looking for something savory, I’ll opt for either avocado toast or eggs (or both!) with Trader Joe’s’ Everything but the Bagel seasoning and let me tell you, that seasoning makes these basics to die for! If I’m in rush (which happens more often than not), I’ll make a smoothie with spinach, mango, banana, and coconut water for added hydration.

I’ve personally never been a fan of lunch, so I really munch on snacks throughout the day. These snacks can range from a full mango to granola to veggie chips, or even frozen berries. I don’t really keep my snack options limited, but as long as it lacks added sugar, I’ll probably eat it.

Because I work, I don’t always have time to cook a healthy dinner, but I try! For dinner, I love roasted sweet potatoes (roast them with the TJ’s seasoning I mentioned and you’ll be as obsessed as I am) and a quinoa salad with cucumber and tomato. When I need protein, I just heat up some chicken, shred it, plop it on some spinach, and add a dressing. I also eat a lot of rice and beans! But most importantly, in my opinion, is eating as many greens as you can! 

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Now that I actively make sure I am eating healthy on a daily basis, my skin has stayed really clear. Don’t get me wrong, a solid skin routine is important to have, too. However when I eat well, I get fewer breakouts, and the pimples are much smaller and appear much less angry. If you’re still struggling with acne, I urge you to try eating healthier. It has really turned my skin around and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Written by Hannah Smith

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