The Coolest Artists That Will Heat Up Your Summer Playlist

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We all know the hottest songs of the summer (overplayed much?). Listening to the Top 40 can leave you feeling uninspired, but finding new music can be so exhausting—after all, we can only get away with so many breaks at work.

We’ve done the work of your coolest in-the-know friend by rounding up under-the-radar artists. Earn some #indie cred by adding these ones to watch to your summer playlist.

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Photo via Kid Wave

Photo via Kid Wave

Indie rockers Kid Wave bring a New York-meets-California sound that captures the feeling of being young. Add their songs to your playlist for a kick of nostalgia on those hazy summer nights.

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blood orange

Photo via Saint Heron

Blood Orange, the pseudonym of Dev Hynes, has dabbled in fashion and producing, but a surprise album dropped at the end of June, establishing him as one of today’s R&B forces. Hynes’s Freetown Sound is one of the summer’s standout albums, mixing provocative lyrics with cool beats and Blood Orange’s signature electronic sound.

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lion babe indie

Photo via Saint Heron

Lion Babe is a neo soul duo based out of NYC. Comprised of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, Lion Babe is just burgeoning onto the scene. They’ve opened for Disclosure and are gearing up to release their debut album. Hervey’s sugary voice stands out amongst autotuned pop stars (and that hair).

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mitski indie

Photo by Phil Smithies / DIY Magazine

Mitski’s newly released fourth album, Puberty 2, is already being heralded as one of the best albums of 2016. On songs like “Your Best American Girl,” she sings about identity, love, loss, and moving on—so relatable it hurts. Though she’s not new to the scene, Mitski is finally getting the attention she deserves.

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Photo via Public Access TV

With their rebellious style and catchy hooks, Public Access TV might be 2016’s answer to The Strokes. With a debut EP set to release in September, there’s no doubt these guys are gonna get big.

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girlieboi indie

Photo via girlyboi

Nothing goes together better than music and love, so naturally, couple slash models slash musicians Carly Russ and Joseph Matlick make sweet, sweet tunes. Together, they form lo-fi duo Girlyboi. Their ethereal vocals intertwine on subdued tracks about—what else?—love.

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Photo via Kllo

Photo via Kllo

Aussie duo Kllo’s “Walls To Build” is one of the most underrated anthems of #summersixteen. The synth-dance track has a cool, modern sound and a bouncy beat that just won’t quit.

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gallant indie

Photo via Billboard

Gallant broke onto the scene this year with the hit “Weight In Gold.” The singer-songwriter is just 24, with a voice beyond his years. His soulful tracks will have you singing along in no time.

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wild belle indie

Photo via Wild Belle

Wild Belle’s electro-tinged alt rock makes us want to dance the night away at Coachella. The brother-sister duo just released Dreamland, which allows Natalie Bergman’s smokey voice to shine. With envious style to boot, we’re crushing on this duo hard.


Your #summersixteen playlist, below:

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Featured image by Elliott Morgan

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