The Best New NYC Bars You Need to Try Now

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Ah, New York, “The City That Never Sleeps.” There are so many spots to wind down in and grab cocktails at with your friends or that new boo. Yet, it seems that all the cool bars have been overdone or are always occupied. That’s why we put together a list for of the best new bars to try in 2018 for your next Friday night out. It will surely impress your colleagues, friends, and yes, even your mother.


Photo Cred: @jukunyc

Right smack in the middle of Chinatown is this brand new Japanese-styled bar and restaurant, Juku. Opened in December, this spot was brought on by the chef behind Williamsburg’s 1 OR 8. The multi-level space features an izakaya-style set-up on the lower level to dine in and eat a variety of dishes from fried chicken to udon noodles. While on the upper level, you can reserve to sit at a 12-set-only omakase bar.

Location: 32 Mulberry St.


Photo Cred: @Tokyorecordclub

Tokyo Record Bar is like no other. It’s in a basement in Greenwich Village and only takes two or three seatings per night so you have to reserve in advance. The experience involves a seven-course tasting menu paired with the music at a prefixed price of $50 per person. You get to choose the playlist with vinyl. This place might be perfect for a date night, where you can judge whether your significant other has good or bad taste in music. #dealbreaker

Location: 127 MacDougal Street, Enter through Air’s


Photo Cred: Vini e Fritti

No need to escape to Rome quite yet, this Roman-styled cocktail and wine bar is your new day-off hangout. Located in the Redbury Hotel, this bar is the place where you can pretend to read a book and sip on some wine, but we both know you are not just there for the cocktails. You can also eat from their divided menu of “fritti’ (fried) or “non-fritti” food.

Location: 30 E 30th St.


Photo Cred: @Moodringnyc

Mood Ring is the answer to all your birthday wants and wishes. An astrology-inspired cocktail bar perfect for your horoscope-obsessed birthday celebration. While it’s another Brooklyn bar, filled with youngsters ready to dance the night away in the back to house music, there is a monthly rotating cocktail menu based off your zodiac sign and a light Chinese food fare menu to pair it with.

Location: 1260 Myrtle Ave.


Photo Cred: @patentpendingnyc

You can think about how Nikola Tesla performed his experiments on radio waves in this very building when you’re sipping on the ‘Navy Strength Gin’. This cafe by day and speakeasy at night in Nomad is your next after work go-to. You can impress all your friends with your little knowledge about the great Tesla that you found while on wifi when you waited for your drink to be made. Tesla would be proud.

Location: 49 West 27th St.

Photo Cred: @Jackandfrannys

Part game room/part bar, Jack and Franny’s the spot to get your competition going with a round of indoor bocce. As for the drinks, there is an Italian-inspired cocktail menu with 14 specialty drinks like ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Super Tuscan.’

Location: 1591 2nd Ave.


Photo Cred: @Elsabarnyc

East Village’s Elsa is reopened, but this time in Cobble Hill—three years later. The wife and husband duo, Natalka Burian and Jay Schneider, have moved Elsa across the bridge with them. A lot of the bars on this list can be seen as masculine, but Elsa has a feminine touch which is noted in the decor. From marble tables to small plants around the place, this spot is for the working independent woman to feel comfortable while getting a drink after work with friends.

Location: 136 Atlantic Ave.

Written by Reza Moreno 

Feature image via Brooklyn Mag

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