Best Destinations for a Chill Weekend

Photo cred: Higher Dose

In need of a post-work chill session, or just looking to combat overall burnout? Us, too. Maybe it’s winter getting to us, maybe it’s living in Trump’s America, but whatever your reason for needing a little self-care, we’ve got you covered. If you, like us, are eternally In Pursuit of Chill (IPOC for short), then you’ll want to read all about our definitive guide to the best oases for your urban escape. See below for our favorite New York-based spots for when you just need to take a breather or go off the grid for a weekend.

Photo cred: Chillhouse

ICYMI, we’re pretty big proponents of the Chillhouse life. After all, where else can you sneak in a massage between your morning meeting and remote workday, or get a mani straight off the runways? If you find yourself chilling on the reg, you might even be a perfect candidate for the Chillhouse Monthly Membership.

Photo cred: Woom Center

Perhaps one of the best things to come out of the boutique fitness and wellness boom has been Woom Center. This is a high-vibe space taking ancient meditation techniques to a new level, appealing to four major senses (sound, sight, taste, and smell). If you’re still on the fence about meditation, Woom Center’s modern-day appeal will convince you to carve out an hour to yourself.

Photo cred: Boris & Horton

Dogs make us feel calm, and we can’t get enough. If you’re a dog lover, too, head to the newly opened Boris and Horton, NYC’s first dog-friendly cafe. Post up for a few hours and get to know their residential pups, or bring your own furry friend.

Photo cred: Higher Dose

Higher Dose is making us sweat — in a good way. Introducing us to the concept of infrared heat therapy, Higher Dose’s technology claims to detoxify and relax the body, burn cals (who doesn’t need a bit of that?) and even reduce signs of aging. We love the idea of working up a sweat without having to work.

Photo cred: Bond Street

Homecoming is somewhat of a home away from home, bringing together retail therapy, Pinterest-chic interiors, and greenery for the ultimate experience. Their Greenpoint shop and cafe invites you to come stay awhile, and you can feel good about supporting local designers and small-batch artisans.

Photo cred: McNally Jackson

No trip to Soho is complete without a visit to McNally Jackson. The famed independent bookstore contains all of our favorite reading materials, color-coded, categorized and coordinated in a way that will soothe your senses. Pay special attention to their selection of under-the-radar magazines you can’t find anywhere else.

Photo Cred: The Marlton Hotel

It’s no secret that we love a good hotel. On our radar for a relaxing staycation or evening drink is The Marlton Hotel, a super-luxe destination near Greenwich Village. The location lends itself to a stroll up 5th Avenue, and the nostalgic-meets-modern interiors will leave you inspired for wherever your night takes you.

Photo cred: AIRE Ancient Baths

No one knew how to balance work and pleasure like the Romans. Aire Ancient Baths is a spa-like sanctuary with treatments ranging from different temperature baths to full-body exfoliation to massage. While the price tag is extremely luxe, we think you’ll agree that investing in yourself is always worth it.

Photo cred: Time Out NY

There’s nothing quite so therapeutic as working with your hands. Located centrally, La Mano Pottery is just one option to work on a new creative skill, with classes designed for ceramicists of all levels to throw, shape, and fire the creations of their dreams.

Photo cred: Gilt

Can’t handle the heat? Just try cryotherapy instead. The buzzy treatment involves exposing your body to cool temps to accelerate muscle recovery and rejuvenation. Pop by buzzy hot (cool?) spot Cryofuel to see what the fuss is about.

Photo cred: Todd Eberle

Last, but certainly not least, the oft-overlooked New York Public Library is a place to find your calm. (Well, maybe not for Carrie Bradshaw, but certainly for the rest of us.) You don’t need a library card to linger in the well-worn stacks and spacious reading rooms. Bonus: Once the weather gets warmer you can spend hours people-watching in Bryant Park, just outside the main branch.

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