Boss Babes: Meet Caitlyn Chase

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Here at Taste The Style, we’re always impressed when we meet a girl who is pursuing a passion. As cliché as it may be, we’re suckers for an awesome “I quit my day job and started a fashion line and it was picked up at Barneys before we even launched!” story. After all, isn’t that the American Boss Babe dream? (And no, I’m not quoting anyone, except maybe my own conscious.)

Well, what if you love your day job and you also love your creative projects? What would you do then? Would you choose one over the other, or would you rise up, double up your workload and brace yourself for the ride? Today’s Boss Babe is doing the latter, juggling her own personal businesses with a power position at one of the beauty industry’s fastest growing startups. Did I mention she also looks like a total goddess while doing so? This multi-hyphenate’s strength lies in the luxury market, having consulted and written for impressive brands and media companies such as Haute Living, Four Seasons, Esquire and more. Now you can catch her over at GLAMSQUAD where she heads up marketing, all while keeping up with her luxury lifestyle blog & brand, Caviar & Cashmere, and newly launched jewelry line. And you thought you were busy?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the woman making working overtime look effortlessly chic.


Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Birth sign:



Malibu, CA

Current city:

West Hollywood, CA

Guilty pleasure:

Weekly GLAMSQUAD blowouts

Current beauty brand obsession:

Charlotte Tilbury and Ouai Haircare

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Hidden talent:

Professionally trained ballet dancer

Dream travel destination:


Three websites you frequent every day outside of your own:,,

Instagram account you’re currently obsessed with:


Item that you couldn’t live without:

MacBook Pro

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

You’re a Boss Babe of many talents. How do you juggle all of your projects/jobs?

I have always had my hand in many different projects. I have learned how to manage my time most effectively by prioritizing what needs to get done on a daily basis. I’ve realized that looking at the big picture can be overwhelming, so living and working in the moment is the best way to tackle my ever-growing  “to do” list.

You’ve also been blogging for many years now, but have always stayed active outside of the blogosphere. Why is that, and what’re your thoughts about the current state of the blogging/influencer space?

I am a true entrepreneur at heart. I love starting and growing businesses, much like my father who has conceptualized and sold over ten companies in his life. I started blogging as a side project in 2011, to share my passions, and turned it into a business when I was able to parlay the brand I built into a product line. The current state of the blogging space is vast and growing quickly, not only is it competitive but has the potential to turn bloggers into businesswomen if they’re savvy enough to put in the time and effort it takes to build it into a real business.

Tell us a bit about your cashmere brand. What made you want to get into designing?

My cashmere line was born out of my love of the fabric and the void in the market for high quality cashmere at an affordable price. I started designing woven and knitted cashmere home accessories (throws, pillows, robes, travel sets) that quickly turned into fashion accessories (mens and womens scarves, stoles, and wraps.) Today, the line is sold in over 75 stores around the world.

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

You’re running marketing at Glamsquad in LA. What does your work day consist of there?

GLAMSQUAD is a very exciting company to be a part of. We’re growing quickly, and each day is different, which I love. I am helping to expand the LA market, by putting together events, building relationships with celebrities and influencers, creating partnerships with likeminded brands, and ideating new ways to get the word out about our amazing hair, makeup, and nail services.

You have a beautiful line of luxury jewelry. Tell us about that and how you got into designing accessories.

Jewelry was a natural extension to the Caviar & Cashmere brand. I’ve always loved accessories, especially jewelry, and was presented with a unique opportunity to partner with a new website called Iconery on this collection. I designed the seven piece fine jewelry collection inspired by my travels to India (where I produce my cashmere.) I worked with materials that I love, such as gold, diamonds, and pearls. The collection really reflects my own style.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague?

My mentor, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (Co-Founder of Gilt Groupe and Co-Founder of GLAMSQUAD), has always stressed the importance of building long-lasting relationships with the people that you meet. You never know who you could work with in the future, and it’s important to foster your network.

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

What’s your perfect day in LA (include restaurants/specific places):

My perfect day in LA would start with a yoga or pilates class (I use ClassPass religiously), followed by a drive up the coast to Malibu to eat at one of my favorite lunch spots like Taverna Tony, Malibu Farm, or Little Beach House. I’d then drive back to West Hollywood to shop around Melrose Place, grab coffee at Alfred, and a snack at Beaming. For dinner, I’d go to Craig’s for the spaghetti squash followed by a decadent sundae at Sunset Tower Hotel.

Who do you currently look up to?

I look up to the women who embody “doing it all”, juggling career, family, friends, health, and wellness. I think Jessica Alba (Honest Company), Toni Ko (NYX Cosmetics), and Sara Blakely (Spanx) are perfect examples.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Hopefully doing it all! I hope that I am successfully juggling a business, family, friends, and somehow making time to travel for pleasure as well!

Advice for future Boss Babes, particularly those trying to be a multi-hyphenate:

Trust your intuition, be present in the moment, enjoy the ride, and always be kind.

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

Photo cred: Chelsea LeoGrande

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  • Peppermint Dolly

    She is such a badass! Loved this write up – “Always be kind” – yes!!


  • Charlotte Cantor

    Obsessed with her! What a boss babe!

  • Emily P

    Sweetest, smartest, prettiest girl I know. You go CC!!