Boss Babes: Meet Clémentine Desseaux

Clémentine Desseaux…It’s hard to imagine the woman behind that name would be anything less than a boss– and a mega babe at that.

Clémentine embodies those qualities the modeling industry desperately seeks for: natural beauty, ethnically ambiguous looks and crazy confidence. But don’t let her sultry brown eyes fool you, Clémentine is not just a pretty face. Clem (what everybody calls her) is redefining the “plus-sized” standard, particularly in France where they’re probably one of the last fashion capitals to adopt plus-size design. Clémentine recently led the third Pulp Fashion Week in Paris and was quoted in Yahoo saying the following: “In the United States, it’s a market apart. You can make a career as a plus-size model. In France, it’s not a career, it’s a hobby; there are no clients.” In addition to modeling for brands like American Apparel & Macy’s, Clem also runs her own fashion-meets-food site appropriately named Bonjour Clem and has a couple of game-changing client projects on the horizon.

For our boss babes shoot, Clémentine and I decided to meet somewhere that suited her lifestyle. She opted for Cafe Gitane in The Jane Hotel, the perfect spot to sip on espresso or an Aperol Spritz, and shoot the shit about life while simultaneously getting some gorgeous shots along the way. Get to know the babe we’re currently infatuated with, and give her a follow on Instagram when you’re through. (Be warned: severe jealously might occur upon proceeding. Clém has NO makeup on in these pictures…zero.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.35.51 PM



Model, blogger and entrepreneur

Birth Sign:




Snacks: sweet or savory?

Both really…

Jacket: leather or denim?

Leather up to May then denim all summer


Spirit animal:

Bison, quirky looking brunette with a sexy lumber

Dream vacation:

I am boarding on my way to one right now. Costa Rica. I love being close to nature and far away from civilization…

Your beauty must-have:

Clear skin with Odiele home-made products (rose water cleanser and almond dry oil moisturizer.)

You’re from France. What, in your opinion, is the biggest difference between French and American women?

The time we spend getting ready is one. We keep it simple when Americans tend to over-do it. That’s just one of many.


You’re a lover of all food, as are we, and you blog about it on Bonjourclem. What are you most excited about when it comes to the site and its future?

I love how it develops and the opportunities that are brought to me. Bonjourclem is on its way to become a lifestyle brand and I am super pumped about it! I am definitely going more the foodie way than the fashion way…even though I don’t like to choose!

Tell us something only your best friend or parents know about you:

Dad and I get teary eyed watching Animal Planet…

What is your most random hidden talent:

I am so bad at karaoke that it makes me a favorite amongst the K-Town area…

Favorite brunch in NYC:

Best French Toast ever is at Maccelleria in the Meatpacking. For everything else, Chalk Point Kitchen in Soho!


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.18.27 PM

Go-to date spot in NYC:

Ideally, some fancy food truck and jazz in a park in the summer…

Cocktail of choice:

Gin & tonic for real life, Piña Colada for island life!

Choose one: Spotify or Netflix? And depending on what you choose, what are you currently listening to or watching?

I don’t use any… Yeah I know WTH?! Lol … I would still say Spotify because I do use my boyfriend’s account. He has the best jazz and gospel playlists…

You’re breaking the mold when it comes to the standard of beauty & measurements. What excites you the most about being a plus-size model and, on an opposite note, what frustrates you the most about the fashion industry?

Being successful and recognized by just being me is pretty awesome. I love setting new standards and pushing barriers, opening minds and visions.

I never planned on being a model or thought that would even be a possible career but it is today and I am grateful. On the other hand, the fashion industry is a crazy world and being a model can lack of a certain intellectual stimulation that I am often craving. With Bonjourclem and my other ventures, I am finding my balance. It’s important for me to have both sides. I couldn’t deal with only one job. I’d be bored and frustrated.


Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.20.39 PM

Who do you look up to now?

No one really…I am just trying to be the best version of myself, which is hard enough.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That’s what I am trying to figure out right now. Two years ago I would have probably said in Miami or New York being a super busy super successful Wonder Woman.

Now I don’t know… I need to find a place where it would feel safe for me and my family to settle. America isn’t one anymore. France might not be one either… I am exploring. Wherever I land I will be happy. I am blessed with the capability of finding my happiness anywhere.


Words of wisdom to aspiring boss babes:

Make a plan. Follow through and keep going. It will lead you where you belong.

All photos by Cyndi Ramirez & edited by Vanessa Granda

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