Boss Babes: Meet Jordan Salcito

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Lugging two to three bottles of wine to your picnic destination — in the middle of summer nonetheless — is not an easy feat. While making sure the fermented grape juice is completely intact in its perfectly pristine bottle by the time you arrive at the park is a skill that you could add to your resume, looking like you just dived into a pool of sweat is not really a style you want to strut right before you get your drink on. But even though you could bring one less bottle on your excursion, let’s be real, that’s a blasphemous thought you (and us) would never want to explore. So how does a girl get her vino fix without sacrificing a drop of wine? Thankfully today’s Boss Babe has answered that question for us with her new wine cooler company, RAMONA.

Jordan Salcito is the woman you want to have on speed dial when it comes to everything and anything wine. Having a superior career as the founder of Bellus Wines, Wine Director at Momofuku, and being named Wine & Spirits “Best New Sommelier” in 2013, it only made sense that Salcito would want to dive deeper into the wine industry to help break the stigma that sometimes revolves around it. Now, Salcito is focusing on RAMONA, the world’s first wine and grapefruit spritz made from organically grown grapes and grapefruit — or as we like to call it, heaven in a can. It’s refreshing and light and bubbly to the tongue. And we believe it will be the next go-to wine brand that everyone will lug around this summer.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg


Denver, Colorado

Current location:

New York City, NY

Birth sign:


Best food to pair with RAMONA: 

French fries, crudite, or a prosciutto sandwich.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Go-to beauty products for the summer:

Glossier Invisible Shield and Birthday Cake Balm DotCom

NYC restaurant you can’t get enough of:

Charlie Bird and the newly renovated Momofuku Ssam Bar

Favorite way to spend a day off:

At the beach with my friends and family, reading a great book, and drinking RAMONA.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Tell us a little about yourself and how you knew you wanted your career to involve the wine industry?

I love how wine is a nexus point of many different industries and a point of connection which opened my eyes to a variety of new viewpoints and inspiring people.

What was your inspiration behind the creation of RAMONA?

RAMONA was made with a rebellious spirit and a big mission — to offer high-quality wine in a sleek package. We believe in celebrating delicious taste, organic growing practices and that drinking wine can be spontaneous and portable. RAMONA was created to revolutionize the way people drink and think about wine

In addition to RAMONA, you’re also the founder of Bellus Wines and was the sommelier at Eleven Madison Park and Beverage Director at Momofuku. How have those experiences differentiate from your creation of RAMONA? 

During my formative wine years at Daniel and Eleven Madison Park, I developed my palate and raised the bar with their ingredients and quality of service. At Momofuku, I learned to think about things by understanding the rules and being willing to break them.

Any tricks you can tell us on how to choose a decently priced wine that’s delicious?

Develop a friendship with your local retailer and ask them for recommendations.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

With a few job titles underneath your belt, how do you balance personal life and work life so you don’t go crazy? Any tricks or tips you care to share?

I’m so lucky that I love what I do, and the people I work with, so work and life naturally overlap and are very fulfilling.

If you could share a can of RAMONA with anyone anywhere, where and who would that be? Michelle Obama on the White House steps in grapefruit sunglasses.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to be able to continue to show people how delicious and accessible wine can be.

Any advice for future boss babes, especially those looking to enter into the wine industry?

For me, the best advice I’ve ever received is to start working at a place that inspires you and being willing to get your hands dirty and work really hard. You make a good impression on those at the top of the organization. That advice led to opportunities I could never have imagined, like working on a wine harvest in Burgundy.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

If you love Jordan’s story and want to sip on some wine, get your fix at Chillhouse on Thursdays or make sure to check out their website (they’re launching nationally this Wednesday!) to see where you can buy some for your next picnic… because it’s summer, duh.

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography Alyssa Greenberg

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