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Just the thought of making a name for yourself in a highly competitive, male-dominated industry in one of the most competitive cities in the country — maybe even the world — can induce a headache and make you want to curl up on the couch and hide. Or, if you’re like today’s Boss Babe, the idea will fuel you from within to conquer this idea and succeed. This trifecta of a challenge was no match for Lauren Abramowitz, the founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions. She overcame this obstacle by creating a space where patients can feel comfortable while she helps them through their skin journey with her “less is more” approach to aging. The dovetail of Abramowitz’s view of cosmetic dermatology and health is the oasis we’ve been looking for as we venture into the different chapter of our lives. Meet Lauren Abramowitz, the queen of all your beauty and wellness needs.

Photo cred: Eli Awada


Brooklyn, New York

Current location:

Manhattan & Southampton with a sprinkle of LA throughout the year

Birth sign:


Beauty products you can’t get enough of:

Replenix Micro-ionized sunscreen, PCA Hyaluronic Boosting Serum, Butter Elixir Body Oil and Face Oil, and the Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint.

Best way to wind down for the evening:

Aperol spritz with a splash of hemp-infused CBD oil

Photo cred: Eli Awada

NYC restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out:

ASKA in Williamsburg, a new two Michelin star 19-course menu set in an intimate 10 seat only dining room

Ultimate Boss Babe:

Gwyneth Paltrow and her new endeavors with Goop

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome:

Making a name for myself in a highly competitive, male-dominated industry and in one of the most competitive cities around. I would call this a trifecta of a challenge, to say the least. 🙂

Food you can never say no to:

French fries and coconut rice!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you created Park Avenue Skin Solutions:

I’m a board-certified Physician Assistant. I have been practicing Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine for 15 years. I have had the honor of working alongside some of the top cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons in New York City and at a critical juncture in my life, I wanted to create an environment and identity that was all my own as such Park Avenue Skin Solutions was born in 2009. We started out on Park Avenue, given the practice’s namesake, but it was over a year and a half ago that I wanted to venture into new waters when I decided to move my practice downtown as it was where most of my life is. I took a bold leap to reverse engineer my work life into my personal life. As such, our flagship location and practice opened in June 2016 in the heart of Tribeca. We’d like to think of ourselves as a lifestyle medicine brand devoted to beauty and well-being inside and out. In fact, we’ve got some exciting news ahead as we venture into wellness and longevity medicine as a part of our next pivot and area of growth in our practice. That’s all I can say for now, but we can’t wait to share the news once we fully launch!

Recently, a few publishing companies have banished the use of the word “anti-aging” in any of their published works to embrace the notion that nothing is wrong with aging and loving the skin you’re in. As someone who has years of experience in the field and works with women one-on-one, have you personally notice a change in how your clientele prefers to use specific treatments recently that may fall in line with the similar idea stated above?

I’ve always practiced a “less is more” approach to aging and guiding my patients toward a skin journey that is centered around graceful aging and a more natural aesthetic look. Our whole approach is that skin well-being starts from within and when I started Park Avenue Skin Solutions, I wanted to create an environment where patients can be both comfortable and vulnerable as I endeavor to help them on their skin journey. We all possess a bit of self-hate and are a bit too critical of ourselves but as I watch my patients go through their journey, I help them dispel these notions and appreciate the beauty that we all possess both inside and out and aging gracefully into the next stage of their life. I always tell them it gets better with time and I truly believe and feel that for myself. I believe I tend to attract patients who share the same ethos. Like attracts like!

At your practice, you provide a lot of services from micro-blading to dermal fillers. What would you suggest for someone to do who is looking to try one of your services out for the first time?

We never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to any patient and believe that each patient’s skin journey starts with an extensive new patient hour-long consultation. In that time, I go through their history of skin concerns and issues that they may have and we work together to design a roadmap with strategic treatment priorities toward achieving their skin goals, one procedure and one step at a time.

In addition to your skincare practices, you also believe that beauty begins from within. What are some ways you personally maintain your inner beauty to help you feel healthy and beautiful?

We believe that health is a state of body and wellness is a state of being and as such, I’ve always made it a priority to keep my state of being consistent. I start every day with Defender Shots (ginger, turmeric, oil of oregano and cayenne pepper) from Juice Generation that help boost my immune system while at the same time serve as an anti-inflammatory for my skin and gut, followed by E3Live Brain On shots that helps get my “brain on” for lack of a better phrase. Every night I take a number of supplements that are designed for my own genetic makeup and profile created by my longevity and integrative physician Dr. Josh Trutt. And most importantly, diet and exercise are at the fulcrum of my internal well-being. We have a chef that whips up some of the most amazing meals for both lunch and dinner for me and I try to sweat out all the toxins in a juicy hot vinyasa yoga class at least 3-4 times a week. Meditation is a non-negotiable!

Photo cred: Eli Awada

We love your all-girl team and how beautiful your practice is. What was the vibe you were hoping to evoke when creating this space?

I wanted to create an atmosphere where patients were able to feel at ease while engendering a level of trust and familiarity the moment they step out of the elevator. We literally roll out the red carpet for them and truly seek to create an environment where they feel they belong. We strive to make sure each patient has a relationship with everyone on our team so that they have multiple channels of communication and levels of care as we all help guide them on their skin and wellness journey.

If you could tell your 21-year-old self anything, what would you say?

Forty is the new black!

If there’s one beauty product everyone should have in their makeup bag at all times, what would that be?

Tinted moisturizer with SPF

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

Having a family. I am ready for the next chapter!

Any advice for future boss babes, especially those looking to enter into the field of cosmetic dermatology?

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and elevate you. Don’t settle to be part of a culture who are not aligned with your vision and standards. Come from a place of empowerment and transparency versus fear and threat. My mama always instilled in me that “you are the master of your own destiny”.

Photo cred: Eli Awada

Thinking about exploring the cosmetic dermatology world? Make sure to check out Park Avenue Skin Solution’s services here and become besties with Lauren here

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Eli Awada

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