Boss Babes: Meet Lindsay Jang

Photo cred: Alex Maeland

Here at TTS, it’s our duty to find hardworking, passionate Boss Babes who pave their own path for success. Whether they’re from LA or NYC, these women have persevered to create their own businesses and excel in their professions. However, for today’s Boss Babe, we’re crossing the globe to Hong Kong to highlight one badass entrepreneur who loves the editorial and hospitality industry just as much as we do — and you’ll soon realize why we had to make the trip.

Simply put, Linsday Jang will inspire the shit out of you. As the co-founder of the infamous Hong Kong restaurant, Yardbird, and one of the founders of MISSBISH, Jang is the epitome of what it means to be a Boss Babe. Her love for food; wellness; and intelligent, original content has transformed both industries where she has made a name for herself based on her incredible talents. But if you think managing two business is enough for this mother of two, well, you’re wrong. Jang has co-created Sunday’s Grocery (an online shop for news and booze) and is entering the fashion and wellness space with MISSBISH‘s new fitness collection. If there’s one Boss Babe to inspire you to feel good, do good, and look good, it’s Linsday Jang

Photo cred: Alex Maeland


Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Current location:

Hong Kong / LA

Birth sign:


Favorite meal of all time:


Photo cred: Alex Maeland

One thing that makes Hong Kong special:

The landscape.

Who is your ultimate MISSBISH:

Michelle Obama

Best yoga pose for a morning stretch:

Downward facing dog.

Sneaker you want to get your hands on:

A pair of Common Projects.

Photo cred: Alex Maeland

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the hospitality and editorial industry?

I grew up in the restaurant business. My parents own a small Chinese-Canadian spot and it was just always a part of my life. Editorial came from the community I found in Hong Kong — all of my friends seemed to be in online digital publishing and I am a curious person… 

After living in New York for seven years, you moved to Hong Kong, where you eventually opened your restaurant Yardbird with your business partner to literally overnight success. What was that experience like when all your hard work paid off and what do you believe contributed to the success of Yardbird?

My business partner, Matt, and I are still going through the rollercoaster of emotions that is owning your own business. We are grateful every day for the success we’ve had and attribute it to the hard work and efforts we invest into our team and training. We are very protective of our brand and our people and are constantly striving to improve and grow. 

Because Yardbird was created with a unique spin that was completely different from other Hong Kong restaurants, what was it like to manage others’ expectations and trust your gut that these changes were the right moves to make?

We just didn’t care. We wanted to build and create our perfect restaurant, we knew exactly what that was to us, and we didn’t compromise. Our collective years of experience gave us the confidence to be pioneers in a certain way. And we had a team. We had a plan. We had [a] quality product to offer.

Photo cred: Alex Maeland

Not only do you own a few restaurants, you also found MISSBISH. Tell us how this idea came to be and how you would like it to grow. 

MISSBISH was the brainchild of my co-founders, Gillian Wong and Nicole Fung. Gillian, Nicole’s husband, and my boyfriend were all working at HYPEBEAST and they saw firsthand the gap in the market and the space for a women’s POV on creative street culture. They asked me to be the third founder because I am the extrovert of us three, and they felt the brand needed a voice. We are launching our first apparel collection in a few months and we have plans to scale in a lot of different ways. Our editorial platform has really evolved over the last three years and we put a lot of emphasis on creating original, high-quality content out there for our audience.

In addition to all your businesses, you’re also a mother. How do you prioritize your time between motherhood and being an entrepreneur?

I am very organized. I have a great support system. It truly takes a village to raise a child. 

Photo cred: Alex Maeland

Because you’re a total badass, you also make sure fitness is part of your everyday routine. Can you give us some tips on how you maintain and fit your wellness and fitness lifestyle into your busy schedule?

Again, it comes down to organization and time management. I feel better and am more productive when I feel my best, so exercise and wellness are major priorities for me. 

What is one thing you wish your kids will learn from you and your career? 

Be nice to everyone. 

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

Continuing to grow my brands with my friends and family while simultaneously nurturing the communities that have formed around them. 

Any advice for future Boss Babes, especially for the editorial and food-obsessed?

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Work hard, be kind and learn from smarter people. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. 

Photo cred: Alex Maeland

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Alex Maeland on 35mm.

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