Boss Babes: Meet Taylor LaShae

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

There are a couple of ways to hit it big as an actor these days. You can take the millennial approach and build your social media following, creating significant demand for yourself, or you can take the traditional grassroots approach. Taylor LaShae is hitting it on both sides flawlessly, making her not only legitimately talented, but extremely savvy when it comes to personal branding.

I first was introduced to Taylor though her Instagram. At first glance, you know this girl is destined to be a star even if the industry hasn’t fully caught on yet. But by doing further research, it’s safe to say Taylor is well on her way. Her résumé includes starring roles in various commercials for brands such as Malibu Rum, UBER, Canon, Spotify, and she’s even appeared on Boardwalk Empire and a few indie films, with more on the way.

Read the Q&A with our latest girl crush, and get a glimpse at her charming Brooklyn abode below.


Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style



Current location:

I am currently residing in Brooklyn (Bushwick to be exact)


Houston Texas… right next to NASA Space Center. Cosmic coincidence? I think so.

Birth sign:

Leo baby

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

Favorite movie of all time:

Too hard to answer. Somewhere between Contact and Jules & Jim.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can flip my tongue around and wink with both of my eyes

Three fun facts we may not know about you:

I am not into brand name clothing, I am a movie snob (in the best way possible), and I am obsessed with space and am in the AAA in NY (amateur astrologers association.) Nerd alert!

Fill in the blank, my guilty pleasure is _____.

Mexican food and high school movies

What’s one beauty product you couldn’t live without:

Rose water spritz <3

Craziest Instagram comment you’ve ever gotten:

“Mom? You look like my mom. I’m 12?”

Any fun gigs in the works?

I have a horror film in the works in a couple weeks.. I am practicing my screams and scared faces early.

What are your goals in 2015?

To buy myself a crappy car and read all of Stephen Hawking’s books.

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taylor LaShae

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taylor LaShae

Your go-to NYC restaurant:

Lovely Day Cafe <3 All time fave spot.

Fill in the blank again, I would die to trade lives with _____ for one day.

Astro butch. He’s on the ISS (International Space Station) taking pictures of all of us up there! What a great day to switch lives with someone in space… floating there. BEYOND!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Fat… just kidding (sort of.) I see myself in a modern minimal wood house upstate. With white horses… Yeah, horses.

Words of wisdom for aspiring Boss Babes:

Never say sorry. Never let anyone tell you no.

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style



To keep up with Taylor, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Photography by Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

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