Chefs Who Make The Kitchen Even Hotter

We talk a lot about Boss Babes in the kitchen here at TTS, and it’s true that there’s little we love more than a fierce female who can get down in the kitchen. With that said we felt like we needed to give the men in the kitchen a little love too, so we decided to put together this list of chefs who are just as hot as the kitchens they cook in. Because really, is there anything sexier than a man who can cook? We can’t think of anything.

But of course we couldn’t leave the ladies out of it, so to ensure our roundup was expertly curated we asked our favorite female chefs to nominate a chef that we should all keep an eye out for – both because they’re doing innovative things in the kitchen and (shamelessly) because they don’t look half bad while doing it.

Once chosen, we asked each of our nominees to give a little insight on food and love, and we’re sharing their answers with you.

So, without further ado, here are the chefs who are on fire inside and outside the kitchen…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.22.47 AM

Photo Cred: Lauren Crew

Photo Cred: Lauren Crew

For our first nominee we turned to one of our favorite badass boss babes in the kitchen, Angie Mar, and it took her about 10 seconds to nominate Sam Talbot. Sam is the chef at The Elk in the West Village (a cafe owned by this Boss Babe), a Top Chef alum, one of People Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Men Alive for 2012, author, and one of the founders of Beyond Type 1 – a non-profit organization supporting those with Type 1 diabetes. Good pick, Angie, good pick.

What do you cook when you’re trying to impress a date:

I would take her to the market with me to help pick out the produce and other ingredients we both like so we can create the date night menu together.

Describe your cooking style in 3 words:

Cook Nice ( I realize that’s only 2!)

Where can we find you on your night off?

At the dog park..

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