Chic AF Plants to Liven Up Your Work Space

Photo Cred: Geo-Fleur

Let’s be honest: there are billions of things promoting to help us lead happy and healthy lives but there is one simple thing that we all seem to forget and it’s the greenery. Plants not only boost creativity, bring life to any space but they scientifically make us happy. Work is work and whether you’re a freelancer or work a daily nine-to-five, the grind can start to dull, so we wanted to highlight eight desk plants that not only help your workspace feel great but look great as well; it’s all about the aesthetics, duh. So time to boost your happiness, get ready to have a surge of creativity, and accept that you’ve been chosen by the #plantlife.

Introverts live for introspection by exploring the vibrant landscape of the mind and understand the importance of solitude. The Garden Edit did right by commissioning Austrian potter Matthias Kaiser’s inverted pentagon planter. It gives off the simplistic yet, creative-genius vibe for all the working introverts out there.

Eliminate the mid-day slump with this copper-legged planter. This unique design is perfect for inspiring creativity and looking beyond the surface. Matthias Kaiser does it again with his amazing sculptural design from The Garden Edit. The speckled stone paired with the copper-toned peg leg gives a great contrast to the free-flowing and structured nature of the creative thought process.

No stone faces over here! This Circinata, Red Abdita, and Madusae air plant collection is perfect for your work desk and will surely get all of your co-workers looking. Head over to Air Plant Supply Co. to snag the chill vibes these free-flowing plants are giving.

Get serious gala vibes for your desk area with this exquisite Fox Fodder Farm arrangement. The vase is a modern design made in white porcelain; its 10×10 so make sure your work area is pretty spacious for this beauty.

If you have a small work area, love all things miniature, or simply want a small pick-me-up, then an air plant magnet is perfect for you! This little one from Etsy is made from reclaimed wood and comes in nine different accent colors to match any theme your work area has. If you work from home, this is also perfect for the fridge, giving you a small lift, when you go to grab a light mid-day work snack!

Whether you’re keeping it real or keeping it simple, this minimalistic style is perfect for you. The artsy accent on the planter gives a nice touch but does not outshine the greenery. So get lively with this Amsterdam-made porcelain plant pot from Geo-Fleur.

Need an extra push to help you through the workday woes? This hanging air planter gives a pop of color and texture to your day. The hanging style is great if you are trying to conserve space and keep your space open but want a spark of life. So head over to Etsy and hang in there!

Are you a tactile-thinker? Always fiddling with something while you’re thinking? This sill planter is great for you; move the plants around, rearrange them to your liking. Head over to West Elm for this delightfully puzzling piece!

Written By: Caela Collins

Feature Image: Geo-Fleur

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