Chic Snacks That’ll Keep You Full Throughout the Workday

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It’s 7:30 am and you can barely keep your eyes open because honestly, last night was just too real. You sleepwalk your way to the bathroom, attempt to brush your teeth with one leg inside the shower all while recalling last night’s reenactments (#nojudgement). And while you wish your grande double shot skim cappuccino would kick into your system during your morning commute, the elevator door opens at your job and you realized your day has just begun and you had nothing for breakfast. But instead of letting your stomach growl like a small child who’s craving attention, comfort your insides with a snack that’ll keep you full throughout the workday. Here are a few chic snacks that’ll help you get through the day.

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Imagine 15 to 20 healthy snacks arriving to your door every month. Yup — you won’t even need to bother going to the grocery store because Snack Nation will absolutely resolve all of your snacking problems. Though they position themselves as the “office snack”, we also recommend the service for busy moms of 2 or more. You have enough going on, why let snacks be another chore?


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Quinoa is showing no signs of slowing down. And now thanks to I Heart Keenwah, you’ll find delicious snackable quinoa that’s as easy to pop into your mouth as it is into your new Mansur Gavriel purse. We’re already calling it our fashion week snack of choice.


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Sakara is the healthy-chic movement you should have been on since, like, yesterday. Not only do they create tasty snacks for the clean eater, but their detox teas are heavenly and just what you need to rid toxins from the night before.


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You know we’re so on board with a snack brand if they have the word “chic” in it. Chic-a-peas offers the biggest variety of chickpeas flavor out there. From falafel to fresh salsa to sweet BBQ flavors, Chic-A-Peas is definitely one to add to your desk drawer.

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Although crickets in your granola bar may sound a tad unusual, the health benefits from eating Exo Protein‘s insect-induced granola bars are mind-blowing. Eating one bar is the equivalent of eating beets with your salad for extra iron boost, or munching on prunes for digestion relief. Yes, being a Boss Babe means being healthy, too.


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Continuing on the same track of unusual granola bars, Regrained is redefining the way we drink eat beer. With these new granolas, you’ll be able to have your beer and eat it too because, yup, it uses beer in their products. Plus, it is said to be a super nutritious and sustainable snack, therefore we’re all about it. Of course, as always, eat responsibly.


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These mouth-watering tortilla chips won us with their catchy phrase “Don’t worry, be Paqui.” Let us explain, Paqui is an aztec word that means happiness. We would like to believe that if we eat these snacks, then we’ll be Paqui happy, too.


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These eco-friendly nuts bars might have you kiss your Kind Bars goodbye. Nutshell bars are fresh and handmade daily and are organic, gluten-free and vegan. Nutshell currently offers five flavors which consist of a PB + B bar with nuts, flax seeds, and dried bananas then slathered with a layer of organic peanut butter, and Java which is made with whole espresso beans and the Devil’s Detox which includes hazelnuts and cranberries with a coating of vegan chocolate on top. To top it off, its packaging is compostable and easy on the eyes, making everyone who eats it look like one chic snacker.

Written by Carolyn Compres

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