Spring Cleaning: The Fashion Trends to Get Rid Of

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April showers, May flowers, yada yada. Spring is (allegedly) here, so rather than balk about the weather, we’ll cut to the chase: it’s time to clean out that closet, girl. This season, we’ve been bringing you trends to embrace — like girly gingham or comfy AF track pants. Now it’s time to Marie Kondo your life and make room for the new by parting with some old trends. Below, you’ll find some of the once-loved styles we’re saying au revoir to in favor of 2017-apropos looks.

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We were such huge fans of lace-up anything for much of 2015 and 2016. But, it seems, the trend has run its course with fast fashion and become more of a club look. The new necklines we’re loving fall somewhere between buttoned up, and clean cut and plunging.

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There’s a time and a place for skate tees, and right now, that place is in the skate park. (Has anyone even read Thrasher mag?)

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We’re not knocking the sneaker as a category, and in fact, it’s still a top-utilitarian staple. This spring, however, we’re looking to pastel styles, bow details, and other not-so-basic ways to make this footwear staple fresh again.

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2016 was the year of overly branded. If you didn’t wait 5+ hours in a pop-up shop, who even are you? But for all the logoed-up long-sleeves we saw last year, you’d be hard-pressed to find many sporting their merch nowadays. While the music is forever, it seems this trend has run its course.

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Hear us out: We’re talking barely-there, shredded styles. This season’s update to ripped denim comes in artfully frayed styles. A nicely cropped hem is the perfect way to show off an easy on-the-go shoe.

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Your lazy-day gym staple got an upgrade. Popularized by the Jenners, the fashion hoodie became tacky real fast. It’s time to shed those layers and let your spring body shine.

Written by Kirby Kelly
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