Couple of Questions With Our Favorite Brooklyn Pair

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny its existence. More importantly, it’s a time to look to those people you really care about, whether that’s your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, or your fat cat.

We figured we’d give into the love a bit and ask some of the cutest couples we know to ask each other some questions on their relationship such as favorite (and least favorite) habits, first date pick-up lines, and much more.

First up, Alexander Esguerra and Jessie Jo Johnson. They’re both smoking hot creatives living in Williamsburg. Alex is a creative director who is currently killing the game with his erotic art kit, Love & Paint (the perfect V-Day gift if you ask us) and Jessie is a talent manager working at BMF Media.

Read what these sexy bucks asked one another. WARNING: COUPLE ENVY WILL ENSUE.

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

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J- What was the first thing you thought when you saw me this morning?  

A- As cheesy as it sounds, it’s all about the mornings and seeing you and our giant pup buried in a giant comforter when I realize how good I have it.

J- What do you miss about me when I’m gone?

A- It’s a toss up between your playful torturing or your home-cooked meals.

J-  If there was one thing you would change about me, what would it be?

A- Stop leaving your phone on the edge of counters. It gives me anxiety.

J- Whats your favorite thing in my closet?

A- Ummm, your beat up Key West fantasy festival tee cut into a tank. It’s badass!

J- If I were a cocktail, which one would I be?

A- A triple Espresso Martini!!

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

J- When we met what was the first thing you noticed?

A- Your red lips!

J- Which songs lyrics describe me the best?

A- Big Sean, “I don’t fuck with you”

J- What is your favorite habit of mine? Least favorite?

A- Favorite: Eating ice cream! Least: You stomp too much.

J- Which movie reminded you the most of me?

A- Anything and everything vampire related.

J- What’s the thing I do you appreciate most?

A- You take care of me. I’m a child pretending to be an adult. You keep me calm and have patience with my insanity even when I don’t deserve it.

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

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A- Which song would you use to describe us?

J- Young & Gettin’ It – Meek Mill

A- Do you remember any of our pick up lines on our first date?

J- Yes, I guess you didn’t get that I wasn’t interested because you said, “I really like girls who are mean to me.”

A- If we hadn’t met each other, where would you be right now?

J- Living some where warmer and a lot easier. You push me to be a better version of myself and to stick out the hard stuff, I love that about you.

A- What food reminds you of me?

J- Gummy Bears

A- What is my best physical feature?

J- I love every inch of you, but your eyes still make me melt.

A- What is your favorite activity that we do together?

J- Dancing. When we dance together it’s so bad, it’s good.

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

Photo by Vanessa Granda/Taste The Style

A- What is the first thing you thought about me?

J- He’s a total bad boy and I like it. But then I got to know you…

A- What is one date you are still waiting for me to take you on?

J- Zombie laser tag!

A- Which animal describes my personality the best?

J- A Monkey

A- Whats the thing I do you appreciate most?

J- I can’t pick one thing! I appreciate that you love me unconditionally! New York is a tough city so I feel lucky that I have such a solid teammate, which makes me feel like I can pretty much conquer anything. Also, you waking me up to a coffee every morning is pretty rad, too.

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Photography by Vanessa Granda. 

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