Dessert Joints In NYC That Aren’t Vanilla: Part 1

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We don’t know about you, but for us, desserts are our vice. No matter what the circumstances are, or time of day it is, if dessert is even an option, we will always say yes. While a great rosé can cure the impossible, a thick, rich milkshake comes a close second for comforting those times of need. And although it’s totally fine to snack on a classic dessert like a chocolate chip cookie, it’s even better when a chef gets so creative in the kitchen that it blows our mind. So, it would only be fair for us to share with you what spots we have found. Because we’re nice like that.

We rounded up the best dessert spots that are far from basic. While basic isn’t bad, here at TTS we always want to be more than vanilla. Like vanilla with sprinkles, drizzled with hot fudge, and topped with a splash of gin. Peep some of our favorites, then check back for round two next week.

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Photo Cred @iceandvice

Photo Cred @iceandvice

Basic is out the door at this new LES brick and mortar. If you are looking for simple flavors like vanilla and chocolate, then turn around and never look back. Ice and Vice’s ice cream is on high amounts of adrenaline and there is no stopping in sight. Owners Paul Kim and Ken Lo have been in the ice cream making business for a while now. Although originally they wanted to open a store, money was not on their side. Instead, they grew a large fan base by having their ice cream at markets like Brooklyn Night Bazaar since 2013. Now this Vendy Award winning joint is serving $4 scoops which is made in house at their LES location. Kim and Lo wanted to have a dairy plant in the back of the store to allow complete control of every element that goes in their own ice cream by using high-quality ingredients in small-batch productions. Oh, and it shows. This west-coast-style ice cream is pushing the limits of what ice cream can be. With flavors like 9AM (doughnut truffle with Vietnamese coffee) and The Little Pig (sea salt caramel ice cream, infused with brown bacon butter and bits of bacon praline) your tastebuds will never be bored. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal if you are drooling now. Make sure you grab a scoop at this experimental ice cream shop soon. While their menu is small now, in the near few months, they will be expanding to ice cream sandwiches, sundaes and anything else your heart can imagine.

Location: 221 E Broadway

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm Friday – Saturday 12pm – 12am

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