A Diary: A Detox So Easy… Even I Can Do It

While I’ve always been conscious about the food I put in my body, I’ve never been one to try a detox or a cleanse (except the one-day juice cleanse I tried and failed miserably at). What put me off about cleanses/detoxes was the idea of restraining what I ate (and the fact that I would most likely be starving my way through the whole thing). That is until I was introduced to Dr. Passler’s Pure Change program. The program itself focuses on weight loss while encouraging healthy eating habits and it has totally transformed the way I look at food.

Prior to beginning the program, I phoned in with Dr. Passler himself to gain knowledge of what the program entails and to learn about the benefits. He explained to me that nearly 95 percent of the people that he’s seen in his office can benefit from a detox, and that not only will doing one can improve one’s health but their overall happiness as well. Part of the detox focuses on maintaining the health of your gut, which Dr. Passler explained, produces 85 percent of your serotonin — which, as you may know, are neurotransmitters that help relay messages from one area to the brain from another, where they also affect your mood, sleep, memory, and appetite.

So to help illustrate what this cleanse is all about, each day went as follow: 7am protein shake, 9:30am half a protein bar, 12pm raw or steamed veggies with a detox-support packet, 2:30pm protein shake, 5pm half a protein bar, 7pm raw or steamed veggies with a detox support packet, and 10pm three magnesium tablets and two probiotic capsules. To show you just how easy and fantastic this detox is, I provided a daily “diary,” if you will, in which I go over my day by day. Keep scrolling to read!

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When day one arrived, I hadn’t quite prepared enough for the cleanse to begin, like, at all. I was not mentally ready to come to terms with the fact that I would legitimately be detoxing starting NOW. However, the show must go on. I headed to the kitchen and made myself a protein shake with the lean body protein powder — I highly recommend the chocolate protein with some coconut almond milk. When 9:30 am rolled around, I was definitely craving a little something but found that the half bar satisfied my hunger perfectly. For most of the program, I stuck to a simple raw salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrot, for lunch and dinner. On day one, it didn’t quite fill me up like I needed, but it was better than starving! Because the second half of the day is structured just like the first, I had a similar experience where the protein shake and bar were enough, but the salad didn’t quite cut it.

Waking up on day two was a little easier than day one because I woke up hungry and craving the protein shake. Much to my delight, I was completely satisfied once again. Now, while you’re meant to give up caffeine when you’re on the detox, tea is allowed and I ran my daily green tea consumption by Dr. Passler just to make sure it was allowed. I was feeling a bit groggy after the shake, so I opted for a cup of tea to wake me up. Now I’m not going to lie, I think the green tea totally messed me up this day. Green tea is a great metabolizer, and I found myself getting a lot hungrier a lot quicker this day. My day went by pretty slowly and I was pretty hungry, but I was happy to hit the hay and take my supplements at the end of the day.

Now that I was eating clean and taking magnesium at nights, it wouldn’t be a full report without mentioning that going to the bathroom was getting easier and in turn, I was starting to feel better in general. On day three, I skipped on tea completely to see if I was right, and in this instance I was. I maintained a good level of feeling full pretty much all day long, but I did cheat when I put some strawberries in my salad — I really missed some sweetness in my life!

Day four is when things started to get really easy for me, but the night got even harder. The detox works best if you go to sleep at 10 pm, and while I was fully capable of doing that because #grandmalife, my body missed one of my nightly rituals. Nearly every night I usually indulge in some sort of munchie right around 10 pm, whether it’s chips and guac or Sour Patch Kids. It hadn’t been a problem the first few days because I was falling asleep with no problem, but on this night, I just couldn’t get to sleep and that’s when my cravings hit. There’s no way around this, really, but if I have any words of advice prior to starting this cleanse, it would be don’t have terrible eating habits that you’ll miss!

Photo cred: Electrify magazine

On day five, I wanted to shake up my daily salad because I had been eating it way too much. I kept the usual base, but added some kale, snap peas, and did a lemon/olive oil dressing. Changing up the main meals made day five incredibly tolerable, so in retrospect, I definitely suggest having different salad ideas every day to keep your pallet entertained. And while this might be random, I think it’s worth noting that by day five, the protein shake was beginning to feel like a well-deserved treat — it was so rich and delicious.

Day six began so incredibly smooth, but I absolutely screwed myself when I agreed to go to an Italian restaurant with my friends. I told all of them that I was detoxing and wasn’t going to be able to eat anything except maybe a salad, but having their support didn’t make looking bread, pasta, and pizza in the eye any easier. The cleanse up until this point was going so smoothly, I was determined to make sure I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to. While I succeeded, I definitely suffered in silence at the table so do yourself a favor and do not go to an Italian restaurant.

When day seven rolled around, it was hard for me to believe the detox was coming to an end. This day, I decided to pay special attention to see how I felt mentally and physically. Mentally, I was feeling uplifted and a lot happier than I had been recently. I 100 percent attribute this to my detox and eating well. Physically, I felt great as well. As someone who has suffered from stomach problems my entire life, everything was running smoothly for once.

Honestly, I’m incredibly happy I did this detox. My usual response would be an eye roll, but I genuinely feel so much better having done so. My energy is up, my stomach feels a little settled for ONCE, and I never was genuinely too hungry. If I had the power to go back in time, though, I would definitely shake up my meals a lot more in order to keep things interesting, otherwise, it was absolutely worth it. Whether you’re looking to eat clean, feel energized, or drop a few pounds, this detox is for you.

Written by Hannah Smith

Feature Image via Pure Change

Please note: Product was supplied by Pure Change to write this article. However, we continue to write our honest opinions to provide the most authenthic result of anything we test. 

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