Extreme Exercise: Workouts For People Who Hate To Work Out

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Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore, but sometimes we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. When you’re constantly running between work, events, meetings, and happy hour, working out is the last thing you want to do. We’ve tried boxing and the hottest new workouts across the city, and now, we’re looking for something more extreme to get us motivated. Today on TTS, we’re rounding up the crazy, alternative exercise classes that don’t feel like work (for when UberEats is calling). Break a sweat and have fun doing it with these six anti-workout work outs.

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imax shift exercise

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One of the worst parts about indoor cycling is undoubtedly the feeling of going nowhere. Like a hamster on a wheel, you’re pedaling through a dark room way too close to other sweaty patrons. Sure, there are music-based cycling classes, but if you’re not into it, the Top 40 won’t make you enjoy it. Enter IMAXshift. The DUMBO studio amps up the entertainment value by placing you in front of a larger-than-life screen—you won’t even have to sacrifice Netflix time. At $34, the pricing is similar to other cult classes, but the atmosphere caters to the anti-Soulcycle crowd.

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surfset exercise

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Surfing is something you do on the beaches of Hawaii, not in the concrete jungle—right? (Wrong.) Surfset NYC takes your fitness experience oceanside, without ever leaving the city. Founded in 2012, the class is based on the RipSurfer X machine, which is just as intense as it sounds. Part cardio, part strength, Surfset’s classes appeal to the sometimes-Pilates addict who’s looking to amp up their heart rate. Just like in yoga, core strength is key. In NYC, you can find classes at their East Village outpost, but this nontraditional method has caught on worldwide. Hanging ten just might be the workout boost you need—rashguard not included.

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ag6 exercise

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Central Park, you probably know that Pokémon Go turned our world into a gym. Annoying or not, the idea of treating a workout like a game (and vice versa) got people moving. Before there was Pokémon Go, however, there was Asphalt Green. The gym, which has locations in Battery Park City and UES, recently launched AG6, a class that uses LED lights and pressure-sensitive interiors for an arcade-like workout. Don’t be fooled by the bright lights—this 45-minute workout is intense, testing your reflexes and incorporating functional movements for maximum burn. It’s also Hannah Bronfman-approved, so we’re so there.

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aquastudio exercise

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AQUAStudio is Tribeca’s latest riff on cycling. Classes are held underwater, adding an additional level of resistance and lowering the impact of an already joint-friendly workout. The studio boasts benefits including no soreness, better sleep, and effectively burning cellulite (although we’d argue that our late-night pizza runs burn cellulite, too). Class types range from interval training to restorative and meditation techniques. Still not convinced? Peep the blue-toned hues and swimsuit-ready bodies on AQUAStudio’s Instagram feed and get inspired.

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y7 exercise

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Walk into a Y7 studio and you’ll find the wall covered in phrases like “Namastay fly” and neon signs proclaiming “beat bumping, sweat dripping, candlelit yoga”—all of which sum up the experience pretty well.  Classes are held in a dark room heated around 90 degrees, and participants flow to artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The environment is admittedly chic AF, combining the spiritual elements of yoga with seemingly the furthest thing from it. But go to a class and feel the hip hop beats running through your sweaty veins, and you’ll understand that the combination just works.

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Photo via Gilt City

Photo via Gilt City

It’s been years since we’ve been on a trampoline, but JumpLife has us rethinking the backyard staple. The studio’s trampoline-based classes incorporate elements of dance, pilates, yoga, and strength training for a unique fusion you won’t find anywhere else. All of the bouncing around will definitely make you forget you’re working out, but you’ll work up a sweat regardless. The benefits of working out on a trampoline include increased blood flow and improved coordination and balance (so you can conquer walking in heels while tipsy). Plus, it’s fun.

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cityrow exercise

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Yep, you can get killer arms and legs while sitting down. CityRow is a high-intensity, low-impact workout held on rowing machines. In the last couple of years, rowing has been getting attention as a full-body workout that’s more beneficial for your muscles than cycling. CityRow puts a self-proclaimed “sexy” spin on the workout, sculpting your legs, core, and arms. We know sitting on a rowing machine sounds less appealing than sipping Pinot Grigio on a boat, but after a few classes you’ll look like you stepped out of a Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue ad—which is so much better.

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Featured image via The Minute NYC

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