Fancy AF NYC Cocktails That Defy Logic

eddy cocktails
Photo by Asia Coladner

There’s nothing NYC does better than food and booze. We’re big fans of surprising twists on old classics and trying new flavor combinations. A vodka tonic is nice, but we’re here for the cocktails that make us feel fancy AF. From unexpected ingredients to takes on a fruity summer drink, NYC joints are raising the bar. Order these special drinks for an experience that’s equally appealing to your taste buds and Instagram followers alike. Read on for the mind-blowingly unique NYC cocktails you needed, like, yesterday.

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zz cocktails

Photo via Instagram / @_felicia_

Here at Taste the Style, tropical fruit is kind of our thing. Pineapples are our mascot, and coconuts come in a close second. That’s why our minds are blown by The Coconut, which is served at ZZ’s Clam Bar. This infusion of Trinidadian rum, coconut cream, Acacia honey, and smoked cinnamon is served in a smoked coconut shell. This crazy cocktail brings a whole new meaning to tiki bar.

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siren's call cocktails

Photo via Apotheke

Apotheke is an apothecary-style speakeasy with ingredients like quinoa-infused vodka, snow peas, and beet juice on the menu. Their standout — both in presentation and flavor — is the unique Siren’s Call. The drink is made with gin, roasted seaweed, cucumber, squid ink, and ginger. And if that wasn’t enough mind-blowing allure, the drink is rimmed with smoked sea salt and topped with a mussel and edible pearl. As the name suggests, this luxe drink will lure you in.

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eddy cocktails

Photo by Asia Coladner

Bubble tea is always on the back of our minds as a fun snack to pick up whenever we’re in Chinatown. The innovative team at The Eddy puts a nighttime twist on the milky treat with the Boba, Bubble Tea. Made of Hendricks gin, Santa Teresa rum jelly, green tea, and matcha condensed syrup, this cocktail is a wonderfully boozy surprise. The fact that it’s served up just like a regular bubble tea gets us even more excited for the whimsical-yet-mature drink.

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ramona cocktails

Photo via Instagram / @nessateran

Sichuan pepper and pink himalayan sea salt aren’t the first cocktail ingredients that come to mind. But in The Golden Fang from Ramona, these additions put an unexpected spin on an otherwise refreshing cocktail. The Greenpoint joint delivers a kick with their combination of tequila, cucumber tea, Sichuan pepper, wildflower honey, himalayan sea salt, and grapefruit. This summery drink will have your taste buds dancing all night long.

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banjos cocktails

Photo via The Wayland

I Hear Banjos, Encore doesn’t seem like the name of a fancy cocktail. The Wayland’s specialty is much more grown-up than it sounds — trust us. This drink is composed of apple pie moonshine, rye whiskey, and spiced apple bitters. Order this update on an Old Fashioned and your bartender will stir the drink and serve it up with a goblet of smoked applewood and cinnamon. Like a boozy apple pie, this cocktail will transport you to a woodsy cabin and a bonfire.

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Photo via The Dead Rabbit

Two types of whiskey, Manzanilla sherry, blackberry shrub, beet, coffee, pecan, lime, smoked black pepper — let me take a breath — are all in one drink. These are the ingredients in the Devil’s Woman from Dead Rabbit NYC. The Irish pub has an extensive drink menu with all kinds of crazy flavors, but this cocktail delivers fruity, earthy, and a bit of spice all in one. And the color is gorgeous — who wouldn’t feel fancy sipping on that? 




Featured image via Time Out NY

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