Fashion Foodie Friday: Anthony D’Argenzio

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When your job requires you to take already delicious-looking food and style it to look 10 times better, you know you’re doing something right in life. I first stumbled upon Anthony by discovering his perfectly curated Instagram feed made up of some of the most stunning of pictures I’ve ever laid my eyes on– that is if your eyes love food, home decor, design and “from above” photography. Luckily for Anthony, LOTS of people do.

Anthony not only has an impeccable eye for design, he’s also a die-hard foodie, growing up in a home where “farm to table” existed way before it was even a trend. And it shows. His love for food shines through in every project he works on and every meal he consumes.

I was dying to learn more about the man behind one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Here’s what the prop master had to say:


Owner and Creator of Zio & Sons, a lifestyle brand that focuses on prop styling, design, and vintage sourcing.


East Village, NYC

Tell us your career background

I was born and raised in North California– I grew up in a foodie household. My family owns a winery in Sonoma County. I’m pretty sure the term “farm to table” didn’t exist when we were doing it. I received my marketing and business degree from Arizona State University and moved to New York in 2009. I worked in corporate marketing for a few years. Because of that, I needed a creative outlook so I created Zio & Sons- initially based on the concept of revival. I would find pieces of furniture on the streets of downtown Manhattan and restore them in my studio on Bowery. The brand has evolved a bit into more of a creative house. Prop styling has allowed me to connect the things I love most, food, photography and design. Everything I do has a huge vintage emphasis. Most of the props and surfaces I use are vintage pieces which I source at flea markets.

What inspired you to be a prop stylist?

Prop styling has allowed me to bring together everything I love. I love the hunt of finding the perfect prop to create a story and evoke a feeling. Coming from a corporate background, I try to also be as realistic as possible in my styling. You are selling a product and the lifestyle you are trying to portray. My attention to detail sometimes gets me carried away.

Do you have a certain industry you like to work with most?

I love it all. I don’t like saying one more than the other which is why I think I like to keep Zio & Sons so vague. When I work with my clients, it’s always about the total image and lifestyle their brand portrays. But if I have to pick, it would be a tie: home and food. I also like bringing the industries together. I recently styled and produced a dinner, Zio & Sons Dinner Series with One Kings Lane where I got to do just that, food and home decor.

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{A glimpse into Anthony’s incredible Instagram feed}

What’re your five favorite NYC restaurants?

Dieci– Tiny neighborhood favorite, Japanese-Italian fusion (think about it.) Shhh, don’t tell your friends.

Rosemary’s– A place that makes me feel right at home. Simple, fresh ingredients.

Roman’s– My favorite cozy date spot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Locanda Verde– Andrew Carmellini never fails. Love their vino section.

Takahachi– Hands down favorite proper Japanese (Ave. A location.)

Your can’t live without dish

A Spicy Colorado Lamb Ramen bolognese from Diece.

Favorite cuisine


Who’s your style crush?

Chloe Sevigny, I like her low-key downtown vibe. She just makes it work. #Swoon.

Who’s your business crush?

I have a man crush on Ralph Lauren. He has done an amazing job at creating timeless American lifestyle in both fashion and home.

In two sentence or less, what’s your perfect Saturday?

First things first, coffee at Abraco in the East Village. Then a trip to the flea market with my long-hair dachshund.


To follow Anthony and Zio & Son’s journey, check them out on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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