Fashion Snapchats You Need to Follow ASAP

Photo via Vanessa Granda

With NYFW less than a month out, it only makes sense to start surrounding yourself with the greatest peeps when it comes to the fashion industry. Even if you don’t have the time to keep up with the runway shows all fashion month long, you can bring the style game with you by following a few fashion insiders through Snapchat. Not sure who to follow exactly to get your sartorial fix? Here are 12 fashion Snapchat accounts you need to follow ASAP.

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Photo cred: @somethingnavy

Even though you’re familiar with Something Navy‘s fashion blog (I mean, who isn’t?), you need to make sure you follow her on Snapchat, like, yesterday. This mama fashion blogger not only showcases her #OOTD, but also her delicious baby girl.

Snapchat: ArielleCharnas

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If you love fashion and lifestyle, then The Blonde Salad‘s Snapchat is just for you. You get snippets of her accessories and clothes in addition to getting a glimpse into her style-centric life. Boredom will never strike while watching her Snaps, we almost guarantee it.

Snapchat: Chiara Ferragni

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Photo cred: Whowhatwear

Photo cred: Whowhatwear

If you Danielle Bernstein’s site, WhoWhatWear, then you’re going to love her Snapchat. If you’re interested in going inside the makings and a day in the life of an uber successful style blogger, then this is the one to follow.

Snapchat name:

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Photo cred: @manrepeller

Photo cred: @manrepeller

Man Repeller replicates their stories straight onto their Snapchat account. It’s fashion meets humor all over the place. Plus, they give you a glimpse of what’s it like in the MR’s headquarters. Overall, a 10/10 for a Snapchat account.

Snapchat: Man_Repeller

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Photo cred: @annstreetstudio

Photo cred: @annstreetstudio

This is no ordinary fashion Snapchat account. Jamie Beck is going to take you for a spin as she shows you BTS footage of her many fashion editorial photo shoots. Her quick wit, classic demeanor, and wild adventures will make you impatiently wait as she posts Snaps throughout her day.

Snapchat: Annstreetstudio

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Photo cred: @evachen212

Eva Chen is a beauty queen and she translates her obsession onto her Snapchat account. She’ll tell you her favorite products, show you her NYC life and obsessed over The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She’ll basically the best friend you dream of… in the palm of your hands.

Snapchat: theevachen212

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Photo cred: @parkncube

There’s nothing to hate about this Snapchat account. It’s honest, funny and will give you instant wanderlust. Shini Park is a fashion-forward lady with a killer sense of humor (and she always knows how to look #flawless). Plus, she travels everywhere, so that’s always a bonus, too.

Snapchat: sparkncube

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Photo cred: @thecoveteur

Photo cred: @thecoveteur

The Coveteur has a mix of everything: beauty, fashion, celebrities — you name it! It’s hard not to spend hours on their Snapchat because it’s just so good. The only request we have is more snaps, please!

Snapchat: thecoveteur

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Photo cred: @everlane

Photo cred: @everlane

Just like their chic, minimalistic clothing line, Everlane‘s snaps are clean and seamlessly flawless. Every Tuesday they have transparency Tuesday where they talk about the company by answering your questions. Plus, they have crazy gorgeous Snapchat lookbooks when new clothes comes out. Bonus: They also hire through Snapchat. Another reason to add them ASAP.

Snapchat: everlane

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Photo cred: @nicolettemason

Photo cred: @nicolettemason

If there’s one person we want to become besties with, it’s Nicolette. Her snaps are fun, quirky, and filled with personality. She has fashion friends in high places and she knows how to show off a chic outfit. Seriously call us, Nicolette. We need more of you in our lives.

Snapchat: nicolettemason

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Photo cred: @sophiaamoruso

Photo cred: @sophiaamoruso

There’s nothing this babe can do wrong. While she doesn’t post often, it’s always good when she does. Her snaps involve a lot of BTS of Nasty Gal and too many selfies too count, but we ain’t mad. She keeps us on the tip of our toes with her many surprises. Next up: #GirlBoss, the Netflix series? Yes, please.

Snapchat: sophiaamoruso

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Feature image via Vanessa Granda 

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