Female Power-isms For Unleashing Your Inner Political Lioness

Backstage at Prabal Gurung RTW Fall 2017
Photo Cred: Kelly Taub/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

This past election was good for one thing (don’t get scared): unleashing the political lioness of women everywhere. Between constant nightmares and uncontrollable cursing at the TV (and sometimes even our phones), we juggle and struggle on what to do to get our voices heard. As #TTS itself is the nest of politically-aware women, we advise you to be as aware and vigilant as ever of the political state of our country.

If you’re like us, being aware isn’t quite enough. We want to be at the nitty-gritty of the whole political system. From being full-on participants of the DC Women’s March to giving you the best prep advice for the next four years, we want to encourage women everywhere to do the best they can to unleash the political lioness within themselves. So to help bring fashion and politics together, we rounded up some of the most badass items you’re about to encounter. These pieces will help you be your most fierce political self yet.


Photo Cred: Urban Outfitters

At the top of our list is this Girl Power tee from The Style Club at UO. The love for this tee is so great that I already own it myself. It empowers me and makes me proud to be a badass woman who is conscious and aware of the happenings around her. Not only do I know where I stand but I show it to everyone.



Photo Cred: Overthrow

You may or may not remember an Insta post from the original Boss Babe herself, Cyndi Ramirez, wearing this cool cropped tee and showing us how dangerous politically aware women can be. And yes, we do own almost every item on this list and the ones we don’t, we are planning to buy in the next few weeks.


Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 4.05.17 PM

Photo Cred: Moorea Seal

This might be the best-shaped earrings we have ever seen, no joke. This everyday wear studs might be the easiest to pull off from our list, we love the golden touch and the rockin’ bod of the earrings (only in my dreams do I have those hips).



Photo Cred: Yannis Vlamos / indigital.tv / Vogue

Taken from the most memorable moments in NYFW Fall ’17 is this must-have tee. Prabal Gurung had us jumping up and down with excitement with his way of expressing political awareness. And yes, we totally agree: the future is female.



Photo Cred: ingodwetrustnyc.com

When it comes to standing your ground, we must admit persistence is key. Doesn’t matter what you’re fighting for, you must always be persistent, be aware, and say how you feel. Never think your thoughts don’t count and that your voice won’t be heard because if you can influence at least one person in your life, you are making the world a better place.



Photo Cred: femalecollective.org

Whether you admit it or not, this truly is the time to be female. It seems like when a certain someone said he could grab us by the pussy, it kinda sparked something in us that defied and awoke our inner political lioness and now we dare him to even try.


Written by Carolyn Compres

Featured image by Kelly Taub/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

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