Get Your Buzz On: Goby Toothbrush Will Make Your Mouth Feel Sexy AF

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If you’re like any responsible millenial who has a passion for ordering cold brew coffee five days a week, maintaining your pearly whites is probably numero uno on your to-do list (of course, aside from ‘make sure to call mom’ and ‘buy more underwear’ — because, honestly, who has time to do laundry?). Your chompers, as we like to call them, is the reason why you’re able to eat, drink, and flash a pretty smile. But having a Million Dollar Smile means having the right tools. Yes, floss is important and you could go to Target and purchase that over-the-top toothbrush with those extra thingamabobs, but as millenials who like to purchase coffee five times a week, purchasing a $100+ toothbrush doesn’t really fit into our “budget.” With that being said, don’t you think it’s time to treat your mouth to a better toothbrush? We think so…

Usually, on TTS, we don’t like to devote a whole post to one product. What can we say? We love too many things and want to share everything with you. But when we were introduced to Goby, we knew we needed to switch things up — yes, a toothbrush actually made us rethink our editorial style, it’s that good, guys. Why? Well, let us count the ways:

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The design of Goby’s toothbrush is meant to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand and in your mouth. (Yeah, we got dirty — however, your toothbrush will not.) With round seamless edges and a smooth surface, you’ll never have to worry about a dirty toothbrush handle again since all it needs is a quick rinse to get rid of any leftover toothpaste. Touch the center button, and the two-minute built-in timer will begin, with 30-second pulses to prompt when to switch sides. It comes with a portable USB charging station that only requires two charges a month. While those things are fancy and all, the bristles are where it’s at. Because sharp bristles can damage your gum and enamel, Goby made sure they were soft by examining the oscillating brush at a microscopic level… Oh, we forgot to mention that you can choose from an array of colors (like this all-black hue) to personalize your tooth-brushing experience, because, why not?

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While most high-tech toothbrushes cost a pretty penny, you don’t have to worry about digging into your savings account to have a healthy mouth. The team from Goby structured their brush kits two ways: one-time purchase without a subscription for $65 or a subscription purchase, which includes a $6 brush head for $50. The kit itself includes:

  • 1x Goby brush
  • 1x brush head
  • 1x hygienic stand
  • 1x USB charging shell
  • 1x USB converter

When you decide which brush kit you want, make sure to pick how often you want the brush heads to be delivered to your home. From every three months to every month, you really have no excuse to not keep your brush (and your teeth) in tip top shape.

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Claire Burke and Ben Goldberg (these two cool kids up here) knew that if they wanted to create a great company, they needed to give back their success in some way. Goby partnered with NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program and will donate a percentage of all sales to help provide dental services to people all around the world. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves.

Did we convince you to purchase this beauty of a product? Whip out your card and click this link. Your mouth can thank us later.

Written by Raven Ishak

Feature image via Cool Material

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