Get Mindful: Wellness Experts Drop Knowledge on How to Practice Wellness

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City life can be a double-edged sword at times: one moment you’re living for the curated chaos, giving you a rush of excitement and another moment, you’re seriously bogged down by the fast pace, sea of people, and simply worn out from the constant go. Sometimes your on-the-go can feel like constantly ready-to-go and it’s easy to forget the most important thing that continuously hits the back burner on your to-do list: YOU. Health & wellness are very important and we often think of spa days and vacation getaways as the only means of escape, but here at TTS, we want to let you in on a secret: you can gain wellness at any time and in any place. We connected with wellness influencers and they gave us some of their best tips and tricks to incorporate wellness into your daily routine!

(Courtesy of Ally Love)

Ally Love, is the host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton Cycle Instructor, the founder of the Love Squad and Model. We partnered up with this #BossBabe to gain wellness tips from a health and fitness perspective:

“As a part of the slash generation, my days vary from hosting Nets’ games, teaching classes at Peloton, to literally running around for photoshoots whether that’s on set for Adidas Women or other clients, and of course, running my business, the Love Squad. Something that I’m keen not to overlook, is the importance of sleep. It sets me up to produce quality work while looking my very best since I interact with many people.”

“With that being said because my interactions are dense and I am heavily involved in everything that I do, I prioritize ‘me’ time. Meditation has recently become part of my routine. I try to meditate a couple times a week, clearing my mind, my heart, and connecting with my breath to get in tune with myself. I found that using an app called Stop Breathe and Think, make mediation conducive to my active lifestyle.”

“I believe that my body is only as strong as [my] mind, so in order to create success, I need to clear my head and get my mind right. Self-wellness is essential to living a happy, healthy, and productive life. No matter what I have going on, I prioritize myself in some way — not to be confused with being selfish. Here is where I find selflessness.”

“I enjoy the fast-pace of my career and the city of New York but balance is where I find stability, being grounded — it’s where I find my creativity to make magic.”

(Courtesy of Felicia LaTour)

 Celebrity makeup artist, motivational speaker, and mother, Felicia LaTour, has been a creative force who not only gives external beauty advice but also the inspiration to let your inner beauty shine!

“A quick way to incorporate wellness into your day is to stay grateful as much as possible. Being grateful will not only make you feel good, but it will also give you more to be grateful for as well as heighten your awareness. Start the day with saying THANK YOU to the universe. I also love to take my vitamins with some pure alkaline water, while lightening an incense to get the vibes circulating before stepping out into the world!”

(Courtesy of Chinae Alexander)

Lifestyle expert and ADIDAS ambassador, Chinae Alexander, oozes body positivity and simply brings brightness to your day with her positive vibes:

“One way I inject a sense of well-being into my busy days is to show up early for meetings or appointments, which sometimes means taking an Uber for a few more bucks or getting a little less sleep. Showing up early allows me a few minutes to settle in, breathe deep, sort my thoughts and mentally calm myself before diving into a conversation or interaction. Being early is my busy gal’s way to inject a meditative practice into an otherwise crazy schedule and to set myself up for success rather than running on the fumes of rushing!”

(Courtesy of Ellie Burrows)

CEO of M N D F L, NYC’s premier meditation studio, storyteller, seeker, and guide Ellie Burrows knows how to tap into mindfulness and enable people to feel good with these wellness tricks:

“My self-care routine has four pillars: meditation (twice a day for 30m), sleep (I need eight hours to be 100% friendly), exercise (the more regular the better) and nourishing foods (it’s important to put quality fuel in the gas tank). Of course, there are lots of other things in there like probiotics, organic products, travel hacks, etc. But sometimes my favorite wellness tips have more to do with the emotional body, rather than the physical one.”

“One of my favorite teachers once told me that ‘True control comes from doing nothing,’ I repeat this like a mantra when my emotions are heightened in my personal or professional life. From an evolutionary perspective, our body doesn’t know the difference between a bear that’s attacking us and an angry email from a boss or client. When our bodies fill with adrenaline, we want to act out in various ways by fighting or flying. We do whatever we can to try and get a handle on our emotions and gain control of the situation. But in states like that, we end up making decisions with a total lack of clarity. Sometimes if we just sit with ourselves in the discomfort and let it move through us instead of acting out or responding right away, we start to feel empowered instead of powerless. So yeah, sometimes just sitting and doing nothing is the best thing we can do for ourselves.”

“Sometimes if we just sit with ourselves in the discomfort and let it move through us instead of acting out or responding right away, we start to feel empowered instead of powerless. So yeah, sometimes just sitting and doing nothing is the best thing we can do for ourselves.” 

Sara Auster is a Sound Therapy Practitioner whose focus is infusing sound therapy with contemporary culture, check out how she taps into her daily wellness: 

“Commit to not turning on technology during your first waking hour. After all, the world ran just fine without you for the previous seven to eight hours, one more won’t hurt. Blocking out that one hour to focus on meditation or your upcoming day will help you wisely shape the other 23.”

“Try to power-down for at least one hour each day. It may be the first hour of the day, the last hour before you go to bed or something in between; whatever works better for you. The specific time of the day is not as important as the discipline of learning when and how to power-down.”

“If that feels like too much too soon, try turning off your email/social media notification sounds for an hour.  ;)”

Written by Caela Collins

Feature image via MissBish/Chinae Alexander 

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