The Coolest New Teas And Lattes In NYC

Featured image via The Good Sort

You may have noticed a little trend popping up around the city (hint: it’s drinkable). First it was the vibrant green of matcha, now it’s pink, golden, and even rainbow bevvies. Functional beverages, teas, and wellness lattes are becoming the new way to drink yourself to health. Don’t believe us? Below, we rounded up the best lattes and teas the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, boost immunity, or just get a good Instagram story — there’s a beverage for that.

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Two words: Unicorn latte. These vibrant drinks are actually “healing beverages” from Brooklyn cafe The End. (One latte will set you back $9, but we’re in it for the ‘gram.) That blue color you’re seeing means there’s no coffee involved, just an anti-inflammatory form of blue algae called E3 Live. If you’re in need of some blissed-out, post-yoga refreshment, look no further than The End’s blue-green beverage.

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The Coconut Kava Latte from Naturopathica spa in Chelsea is a stress-busting tonic. The drink gets its punch from the kava root, which not only calms the body but also promotes mental clarity. Finished off with a touch of creamy coconut milk, you can sip your way to a tropical island getaway with this cozy blend (a girl can dream!).

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You can order the rainbow at Chinatown’s latest spot The Good Sort, but their jet black latte caught our attention. The 100% vegan drink marries the flavors of activated charcoal and black sesame for a magical, detoxifying experience. We’re bookmarking this one for a morning-after pick-me-up.

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This just in from Down Under: Aussie import Bluestone Lane is serving up a pink almond milk latte. The secret ingredient is none other than immunity-boosting beetroot (yep, way dreamier than eating those veggies). The cafe also offers vibrant matcha and a golden turmeric latte — order the colorful trio to elevate your weekend brunch spread.

Photo via @carobaker1/Instagram

Trade your morning Starbucks for — bone broth? While it might sound strange, sipping on a warm cup of bone broth has tons of benefits, like strengthening skin and hair and upping your gut health. Downtown, Brodo is spearheading the broth movement with their simple to-go cups.

Written by Kirby Kelly

Featured image via The Good Sort

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