Gift Guide: For The Last Minute Shopper

Photo cred: Odeme

Alright, last minute shoppers. Christmas is literally right around the corner and if you don’t have everyone checked off your list, well, don’t panic just yet. You still have plenty of time to hustle through the busy streets to buy that perfect present. But if you still don’t know what exactly to get (or you are just too lazy to think right now) then you are in luck.

Below we have rounded up some cool things you can easily buy without all that extra stress, whether it’s for the coffee lover or for that person that somehow always loses their keys. Why deal with the outside world, when you can easily order everything online in your pajamas with a bottle glass of wine? #hatersgonnahate

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Photo cred: Madewell

Put a ring on it with this diamond shaped ring. This gift is perfect for that minimalist friend who loves the simplistic things in life. Completely made from brass, this ring is far from basic and will not going to tarnish your friend’s finger. Whoever said diamonds was a girl’s best friend clearly has not seen this ring.

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Photo cred: Brooklyn Diamond Cold Brew

Talking about diamonds, Brooklyn Diamond Cold Brew coffee is to die for. Give the coffee-head in your life this ultra smooth cold brew that has been steeped overnight with a blend of freshly ground coffee and chicory. The finished taste is bold with 70% less acidic than your average coffee. Not too shabby. You can order this concentrated New Orleans-style cold brew bottle regular or decaf and it’s perfect for morning, noon, or night.

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Photo cred: Project No. 8

If that special someone always loses their keys, then this gift is going to be perfect. See what had happened was… this keychain is the da bomb. This keychain is made with 100% microsurfaced impact acrylic, wood grain and a metal finish. While you could order three pre-made versions, you also have the option to write out your own phrase and choose any color of your liking. It’s pretty damn customizable, and that’s pretty awesome.

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Photo Cred: Bonne Maison

Nothing is better than keeping your toes warm during the cold, blistering nights. And these fun socks will do the trick (just ignore the 60 degree weather outside). These high quality socks are made with double thread cotton that go up to your mid-calf. The design is intricate with ombré curves with a flesh pink background and honey-capped toes.

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Photo cred: Odeme

This nail file is on fire (literally?). Odeme has created these cute nail files that look like matches. They’re small enough to fit in your back pocket for all those rough situations. Each matchbox has six tiny yet strong nail files with fun, quirky designs that are neatly pack in the small-size enveloped. We particularly love this Night Bloom Matchbook design. Can it get any cuter?

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Photo cred: Sincerely, Tommy

Photo cred: Sincerely, Tommy

Everyone loves a good body oil — and this one is spot on. F. Miller has created the ultimate body oil in the most chic bottle we have seen yet. (Because if the bottle looks good, you know the product is good, too.) This concentrate blend of super hydrating oils is designed to give you the ultimate smooth finish with its essential oils of sunflower, argan, jojoba, and grapefruit. Your body can thank us later.

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Photo cred: Momofuku Milk Bar

If your friend loves food and fashion just as much as we do, then this Momofuku Milk Bar scarf is for them. Momofuku collaborated with Brooklyn artist, Christina J.Wang to create this magical scarf that is completely covered with Milk Bar’s delicious baked goods. It’s made out of 100% Australian featherweight wool and looks completely edible. But don’t worry, we won’t go there.


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Feature image via Odeme

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