Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Secret Santa

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‘Tis the season to break out your wallet and pour out your cash, because it’s that time of year where we celebrate the holidays by spending money on the people we truly care about. (Hello, Black Friday.) This week, we are keeping with traditions by providing you a gift guide for your Secret Santa. If you don’t already know, Secret Santa is when you and a group of friends or family get together and pull names out of a hat to discover who they are going to buy a present for. So instead of buying a present for everyone of your friends, you only focus on that one individual person. And because everyone has a name, everyone gets a present. But you already knew that…

So if you are part of a group that is going to do this method of holiday celebrating (with a side of spiked eggnog, of course), we have provided a little help this week for that special someone on your Secret Santa list (whether they have been naughty or nice). The good thing is, everything we have picked is under $50. Just thank us later. So, grab that eggnog we talked about, slip into that onesie you love so much (we won’t tell anyone), and break out that credit card. Holiday shopping has officially commenced.

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Anybody who is anybody loves a good food gift. It’s just the quintessential thing to get when you don’t really know what else to get. The one good thing about this gift set is that you can do so much with it. If you don’t already know, matcha green tea is the shit. It’s the perfect drink to get you caffeinated without being too jittery. Besides it being completely healthy for you (full of yummy antioxidants), it tastes like heaven in a cup. The cool thing about this Panatea matcha green tea holiday pairing set is that it not only includes a tin of culinary grade matcha green tea, but it comes with a limited-edition mini matcha cookbook called Matcha Eats, which is filled with sweet and savory recipes that your gift receiver will enjoy.

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These desk accessories are “poppin'” with color. See what we did there? But honestly, what is not to love about the poppin brand. They literally have everything that your desk could ever want or need, and it’s the perfect Secret Santa gift because everyone could always use some chic pens and notebooks for their office. Above are three of our favorite office items you could have: A stylish notebook, a few blue pens , and a pencil bag that can easily be used for a makeup bag. Buy all three for under $50 and give them all to your friend, or keep a few for yourself. #nojudgment.

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Now that the weather is finally dropping (ugh). It’s totally appropriate to gift some mittens to your friends because, well, you are a good friend like that. These cashmere mittens from COS are made from 100% cotton and have a speckled design woven into the fabric. Your friends will thank you for keeping their hands nice and toasty during the colder season, because whether we like it or not, winter is coming.

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Everyone can use a cup or two to fancy up their cabinet space. And while you can go to any store to grab yourself a plain ole mug, why not order this handmade rubber dipped raw mark mug that you know you can’t get anywhere else. What makes these cups different from all the rest is that they were made with speckled clay and then glazed with white. Plus, the handles were dipped in yellow to add a little bit of sunshine to the cup. Because the mug is handmade, each cup is going to have its own characteristics and marks, but make sure you purchase in advance, because each cup is made to order. Either way, this present will make your eggnog (or wine) taste that much better.

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Here at TTS, we are pretty big fans of the Murray. He’s sophisticated yet still isn’t afraid to break the rules. He’s the ultimate comedian turned indie actor, and we couldn’t get enough of him. If you know someone who is just a big of a fan of Bill Murray as we are, then you need to buy this book. This book is made up of every performance and anecdote about Bill’s personal and professional life, so if you want to be best friends with him but just haven’t had the chance to meet him just yet (because you know it’ll happen soon), then brush up on your Bill Murray trivia by buying this book for your Secret Santa.

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Photo Cred: Dirty Grl

It doesn’t matter if Ryan Gosling has a kid and is dating one of the most beautiful woman ever, he will always be our Noah Calhoun and we will still wait seven years to be with him. But if you’re the impatient type, give your bod the ultimate “Gosling treatment” by purchasing this Dirty Grl soap for yourself and as a gift to your friend. The cool thing about this soap (besides having RyGo’s face on it), is that it is completely vegan and it comes with a choker inside of it. (You know, for your inner ’90s kid.) Do we really need to say more? Nah, we didn’t think so.

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Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

As you probably can guess, we are pretty big fans when food and fashion comes together. So we decided to create some magic of our own by designing a plain white T that you can wear throughout the holidays. This 100% cotton holiday tee is for the Christmas lover who isn’t afraid of indulging in the sweets and wants to get a little nostalgic (plus, someone who loves a good pun). We say tuck it in a good pair of boyfriend jeans and size up so it’s just the right amount of baggy. Also, make sure you get yourself a handful of ho hos, because nothing is better to accessorize your outfit than with food itself.

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Feature image via Vanessa Granda for Taste The Style

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