How Glossier Changed My Perspective on Makeup

My relationship with makeup has almost always been negative. To be totally transparent, I only ever started getting into makeup when my acne hit its high school peak and I desperately needed to cover it up. However, masking my acne wasn’t really an option for me — I mean, it was, but that was only if I was willing to walk around with orange streaks on my face simply because I was too pale for any available shades.

All through early high school, I would go back and forth from the drugstore looking for a foundation that matched my skin tone, and in the rest of my makeup-free time, I decided that lining only my bottom water line in jet black eyeliner would be the best look for me. (Spoiler alert, it wasn’t!)

Photo Credit: Glossier

All of that happened until I was introduced to Glossier. It took me a while to come around to trying any of their products simply because I was so skeptical of makeup. But when my friend showed me the products herself and how she used them on the daily, I decided I had to try them for myself. Their Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow, and Wowder are now my all-daily must-haves for me, which says a lot seeing as just a few months ago, I simply never wore makeup. When I feel like putting in more effort (which is actually really often because these products are so easy to use!), I add a few drops of the skin tint, some Cloudpaint in “Beam,” maybe some Gen G in “Cake,” and a few swipes of mascara. For once in my life, I have a beauty routine, and it’s something that I actually enjoy.

Photo Credit: Forbes

If you haven’t tried Glossier products yet, I strongly urge you to. It will revolutionize your daily routine, but more importantly, how you see yourself. The company is by women, for women, and CEO Emily Weiss is all about giving women quality and easy-to-use products they’ve been asking for. The products are easy for everyone to use, so much so that my mom and I can now share products. There’s a lot of love in this company, and if you ask me, it’s blatantly obvious. Glossier has singlehandedly made me feel better than I ever have about myself, and I honestly never thought makeup would be able to do that for me.

Written by Hannah Smith

Feature Image via Business Insider

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