Go Buy This Immediately: Drunk Crustaceans

Sometimes products come along that are so amazing you have to drop everything you’re doing and tell everyone you know about it immediately. This is what we have here: ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to the Drunk Crustaceans calendar, a brainchild of our friend, and TTS Devour photographer, Leslie Kirchhoff and her partner Drew.

So why is this so awesome, you might ask? It’s 12 months worth of glorious stills made up of “drunk” shrimp enjoying all of life’s most thrilling activities: drunk sunbathing, drunk discoing, even drunk shopping– which, let’s face it, is something we’ve all been guilty of doing. Oh, and the best part? There’s even a signed print of the ocean’s most notorious shrimp, Kim Krustacean. You can’t making this stuff up, people.

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff

So go, pick up a copy for yourself or a buddy who really likes seafood (or Kim Kardashian) and have a few laughs. Because life is so much better when there’s drunk shrimp involved.

SHOP IT HERE. Note: Fifty percent of all proceeds from Drunk Crustaceans will be donated to Plastic Pollution Coalition, a charity dedicated to removing the plastic from our oceans so our aquatic friends can drink in peace.

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