Where to Go This Weekend According to Our Editors

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After a long hiatus, we’re back! While it might be too late to apologize, we’re bringing you a list of our fave restaurants and bars that you have to check out this weekend. Summer is half way over, so you really have no excuse not to head outdoors. From an elevated, retro “dinner” to a Brooklyn Latin bar, here are where our editors are going to hang this weekend (and you should definitely do the same. #nopressure).

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Photo cred: Nerai

Photo cred: Nerai

Name & Title: Vanessa Granda, Head Photographer

RestaurantNerai: I’m rarely one to pass 14th street (I live in Brooklyn, can you blame me?), but I’d make the journey to 54th street to eat at Nerai. A Mediterranean restaurant with an all-star chef and a menu worth a few ohhhhs + ahhhhs. If for one reason alone, I’d would go just to try the Lobster Orzotto, a one pound butter poached lobster paired with simmered orzo, duh.

BarSake Bar Decibel: Tucked away in what seems like someone’s basement, this ultra-cool sake bar is a must visit this weekend. I also read on Yelp that someone saw Quentin Tarantino in line, so any bar cool enough to host the famed director is cool enough for me.

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Photo cred: Leyenda Brooklyn Cocteleria

Photo cred: Leyenda Brooklyn Cocteleria

Name & Title: Kirby Kelly, Editorial Intern

RestaurantGG’s: I’m an ex-vegan and there are so many pizza spots I’m itching to try. The ambiance at GG’s is laid-back meets sexy, which I’m all about. Plus, I spot burrata on the menu, and their classic pizzas are loaded with garden fresh veggies and gooey cheese. This is comfort food made from real ingredients, and I won’t feel bad about grabbing a slice (or three).

BarLeyenda Brooklyn Cocteleria: Tequila is one of my favorite food groups, so I love a good Latin cocktail bar. Leyenda’s tropical-inspired drinks are worth making the trek from my Harlem studio out to Brooklyn. Leyenda was named one of the best new bars of 2015, so it’s a wonder it isn’t over-hyped yet. I’m dying to try the super-Instagrammable Tia Mia: a blend of Mezcal, Jamaican rum, orange curacao, lime, and orgeat (garnished with a purple flower).

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Photo cred: Eater

Photo cred: Eater

Name & Title: Anya Schulman, Editorial Intern

Restaurant Olmsted: I grew up eating fruit and vegetables that my parents grew in our city backyard, so I’m partial to restaurants that do the same. Olmsted (named for the famed landscape architect) was opened in May of this year by Ian Rothman and Greg Baxtrom, who offer a seasonal menu featuring produce from the cozy spot’s backyard garden. I have my eye on the carrot crepe, with little neck clams and sunflowers, and a rosemary cocktail garnished with black lava salt.

BarAngel’s Share: There’s nothing I love more than hidden doors and secret passageways à la Nancy Drew or National Treasure. That’s why Angel’s Share’s new, unnamed second location is where you’ll find me this weekend… if you can locate it (it’s above Sharaku at 14 Stuyvesant Street). Bartenders Ben Rojo and Gn Chan are the best in the business, and the interiors are vaguely Victorian, making for an atmosphere that’s worth the hunt.

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Photo cred: Grub Street

Photo cred: Grub Street

Name & Title: Celine Bossart, Creator of The Staycationers

Restaurant – Le CoucouWe may or may not have just shot a staycation here, and although I did get the chance to taste four cocktails and dishes, that was really more of a teaser, so I’ll be needing a proper visit soon. Now to plot a Stephen Starr sighting…

Bar – Metrograph CommissaryI’ve got a soft spot in my heart for old school film, so when Alexander Olch unveiled Metrograph (a downtown theater and dining/drinking spot honoring the cinematic culture of the 1920s), I immediately requested a date night. The roster of films both old and new gets cooler by the week, and I’ll be damned if there’s anything better than kicking back for a movie with a Blood and Sand in hand.

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Photo cred: Grub Street

Photo cred: Grub Street

Name & Title: Dana DeLaski, Contributing Editor

RestaurantHao Noodle & Tea: I walked by this place the other day and it instantly jumped to the top of my list. I love Asian food, all Asian food, so while you all are eating ice cream to beat the heat this summer, I’ll be downing steaming bowls of noodles at this new spot in the West Village.
Bar – Brooklyn Barge Bar: The name really says it all. It’s a bar, on a barge, in Brooklyn. I’m already sold and you should be too.

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Photo cred: Sauvage

Photo cred: Sauvage

Name & Title: Cyndi Ramirez, Founder & EIC

Restaurant – Hail MaryThere’s no shortage of kitschy restaurants in our bustling city but none do it quite as charmingly as Hail Mary — a new elevated and retro “diner” in Greenpoint. Full disclosure: I went a couple of weeks ago but I’m already plotting my return because two words: cheesy potatoes. No wonder they call it Hail Mary, because GOOD LORD (hashtag prayer hands emoji).
Bar-Sauvage: Helmed by the same folks behind Williamsburg staple, Maison Premiere, Sauvage is its warmer, more welcoming sister in Greenpoint. If I know one thing about the Maison Premiere team is that they know how to mix an outstanding cocktail, so Sauvage is where I’ll be putting my taste buds to work this weekend.

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Photo cred: Leo Sorel/Infatuation

Photo cred: Leo Sorel/Infatuation

Name & Title: Raven Ishak (that’s me!), Managing Editor
Restaurant – Gristmill: I’m always down to eat some pizza. I think it’s just part of my natural diet. But you know what else I’m always down to have? Milkshakes. So when I heard that there’s a Brooklyn spot that not only houses one-of-a-kind pizzas (pepperoni, honey, mozzarella pizza, anyone?) but creates drool-worthy shakes and sundaes, too, I almost had a foodie heart attack. You can bet your sweet bootay that I will be there ASAP. Trust me.
Bar – Fresh Kills Bar: If there’s one reason why I would go to Brooklyn to grab a drink, it would be because of this place. One of my favorite bars in NYC is a speakeasy-esque hole-in-the-wall spot in Queens called Dutch Kills. Yes, the drinks are crazy expensive, but omg, are they good. Thankfully, the owners decided to open up another bar in Williamsburg called Fresh Kills and it looks amazing. With a fun selection like the Dragon’s Breath (apricot and hot sauce cocktail) and a fizz drink made with ice cream, you will definitely find me at this Dutch Kills-spin off this weekend.

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Feature image via Sauvage

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