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It’s Friday, which only means one thing: it’s time to get loco. This weekend, embrace the fact that there’s no category 5 blizzard (seriously, Mother Nature, what’s up?) and go get your drink on with your friends. And now that the sun is out, there’s really no excuse. #sorrynotsorry.

So to help make up for last weekend’s shit snow show, we are bringing you some of the coolest places that have been on our radar for the month of January. Whether it’s Pan-Asian goodness or a Tex-Mex bar in Bushwick, we got you covered.

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Photo via Zagat

Photo via Zagat

Name & Title: Celine Bossart, Creator of The Staycationers

Bar: I’m all about the new Raines spot in TriBeCa, The Bennett. Super retro, adorable, and a little less exclusive than its predecessors. Plus, anywhere that isn’t scared of a good flip is A-OK in my book — Hero of Little Venice, here’s looking at you (aged rum, sweet vermouth, whole egg, root beer). Gotta get my protein somewhere…

Restaurant: David Chang is my spirit animal, and I’ll eat his Italian/Korean weirdness at Momofuku Nishi if it’s the last thing I do. What I won’t do is wait in line for hours for a table (walk-ins only) so I’ll probably go solo and well after prime time. Damn, I just gave away my strategy.

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Photo via Rebelle

Photo via Rebelle

Name & Title: Vanessa Granda, Head Photographer

Bar: El Cortez. I’m all about staying close to home, just in case I decide to have too many drinks. So this ’70s inspired, banana-leaf wallpaper{ed) Tex Mex bar in Bushwick is the perfect choice. Plus, I heard they make mean Tiki drinks, so count me in!

Restaurant: I’ve always wanted to try Rebelle but after coming across a photo of the restaurant on my Instagram explore page, I’ve been more motivated to visit. Not only is the interior stunning but there’s Caviar on the menu and I’m feeling pretty fancy this 2016.

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Photo cred: Time Out

Photo cred: Time Out

Name & Title: Dana DeLaski, Contributing Editor

Bar: I’m still not exactly sure what this new secret-ish bar next to restaurant Dear Bushwick is all about, but I know Yours Sincerely has cocktails on tap for $8. It might be a speakeasy, it might just be a bar with minimal signage, but honestly, all that is irrelevant. It’s $8 cocktails that they create in their underground “laboratory,” and that’s all I really need to know.

Restaurant: This place stopped me in my tracks last week. Yep, I was innocently on my way to get some work done at Projective at Freemans when I was stunned by what I thought was a sudden apparition of Le Turtle, a light and bright new restaurant in the former Antonioni’s (RIP) space. Apparently it has been open for a few weeks now, but after seeing the space from the outside I’m dying to check it out. The French inspired menu looks heavenly, it’s run by the guys behind Freemans and The Smile, and the bread is apparently from Roberta’s. I’m sad Antonioni’s is gone, but if it had to be replaced, I’m glad it was replaced by this.

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Photo cred: The Lucky Bee

Photo cred: The Lucky Bee

Name & Title: Raven Ishak (that’s me!), Editorial Assistant

Bar: Lumos might be my next go-to bar in NYC. This first baijiu bar in the West is making waves due to Orson Salicetti’s (Apotheke) killer cocktail menu. All the drinks solely involve the clear liquor that usually is distilled from sorghum — which is originally from China. With flavors like Lavender Sour (HKB Baijiu, Lavender tea, lavender elixir, Lillet Blanc, egg whites, lime, agave) and Lychee Martini (BaiJiu infused lemongrass, Lychee, Lemon juice, Canton Liqueur) it just sounds like you are going to have a good time. Oh, and they have live shows of fire-breathing performers on the weekends. Yeah, count me in.

Restaurant: When my coworkers showed me the website for this über-cute restaurant, I knew I needed to add it to my list. Not only is The Lucky Bee so freaking stylish, but the Pan-Asian dishes look so yummy that I could probably order from the whole menu and be completely happy (challenge accepted).

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Photo cred: Quality Meats

Photo cred: Quality Meats

Name & Title: Cyndi Ramirez, Founder & EIC

Bar: The weather’s been relatively nice to us this week despite the Jonas aftermath causing nasty puddle problems. However, there’s something about winter that makes me crave wine more than any other season (yes, red wine in the winter > rosé in the summer.) For that reason, I’m itching to head to Four Horsemen, the glorified “coolest” wine bar NYC has probably ever seen due to one simple fact alone: LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is an owner. Nuff said.

Restaurants: I’ve been craving meat kinda hard lately. I’ve also been hearing amazing things about Quality Eats lately. The overall consensus being that it’s a much more relaxed steakhouse — aka, reasonable prices and zero douchey finance bros in suits. Sounds like my kind of steakhouse.

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Photo cred: Mace

Photo cred: Mace

Name & Title: Gilah Elul, Contributor & Brand Partnerships

Bar: I’ve been dying to grab drinks at this new(ish) East Village cocktail haunt. Another cocktail bar, you say? Not so fast! Mace makes its mark with an especially appealing menu of spice – not spirit! – first drinks. Exotic options like Pandan spice pair with a carefully curated mix of booze and fresh juices. Get in my belly, please!!

Restaurant: Ever since visiting this new trendy and airy LES eatery during its initial launch week, I’ve been craving seconds. Lowlife’s seasonally driven menu (from Blanca alum Alex Leonard) is peppered with plays on international staples like a deconstructed borscht and a yakatori style half-chicken, but I’ve got my mind set on second helping of the impossibly chunky yet somehow still light Lamb Garganelli. Add a killer wine list to the menu and you’ve got the recipe for an impressive night out.

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Photo cred: Mr. Purple

Photo cred: Mr. Purple

Name & Title: Izzy Setaro, Editorial Assistant

Bar: I love hanging out in the Lower East Side. The neighborhood has this admirable sense of community that you long to be a part of. That paired with the abundance of really cool bars and restaurants makes it the hit hood for hanging out on the weekend. That’s why I’m really excited to try Mr. Purple, which is introducing a little elegance to a once gritty and edgy corner of the city. They’ve got a bar and food program that supports local businesses, which really lends back into that whole community base. Also, with two opposing roof deck terraces, a swimming pool, and killer view, it’ll inevitably be the summer spot to check out. I’ll just start cozying myself up to the space now.

Restaurant: Anything conceived by The Spotted Pig team is bound to be stellar. And the fact that Salvation Burger is serving up one of my favorite indulgences in the most elevated of ways (wood fired) means I’ll be frequenting this place more than my health allows. Plus, they’ve got a bounty of wine being poured from bottles, boxes, and taps. Might as well be heaven.

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Feature image via The Lucky Bee

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