Got Milk (Punch)?: Where to Drink Them in NYC

Photo via BlackTail

Around here, we know a thing or two about cocktails. Like food and fashion, your cocktail choice should switch up with the change of season. Enter MILK PUNCH: a milk-based adult beverage traditionally made with brandy or bourbon, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and topped with nutmeg. While there’s nothing like the classic take on a cocktail, we’ve done a little research on four NYC spots where Milk Punch has undergone an upgrade. Grab a seat at one (or all) of these bars, and enjoy your next-go cocktail for Fall.



Photo via Shanika Hillocks

At Bar Goto, classic American cocktails take on a Japanese twist, and on its menu, the Milk Punch rocks the on-trend ingredient, matcha. Conceptualized by Pegu Club vet, Kenta Goto, the Matcha Sesame Punch consists of quality matcha powder, both sencha tea and sesame-infused vodkas, and half & half. The result is a balanced beverage that’s both cozy and cold, clean, yet creamy. Consider it the grown up version of a glass of milk before bed.



Photo via BlackTail

Our obsession with pineapples is pretty clear (take a look to your right), making us an instant fan of cocktails that include the tropical fruit. From the co-founders of the infamous Dead Rabbit, BlackTail embraces the influence of Cuba in American cocktail bars. In its Pineapple Milk, you’ll find Puerto Rican rum at the forefront complemented with Brandy de Jerez, cream, pineapple, vanilla, cherry, hazelnut and bitters all topped with fresh nutmeg (swoon), a subtle nod to the classic recipe.



Photo via Katie Burton

Rules are meant to be broken, and the same goes for drink recipes. In Kat & Theo‘s rendition of Milk Punch, you’ll find a trifecta of spirits — aged cachaça, gin, and a spiced liqueur — along with an array of flavors that satisfy the senses. Crafted to be enjoyed throughout a meal, the Satyr’s Flute Punch successfully embodies balance. There are strawberries and maple syrup for sweetness, Serrano chilies for subtle spice, Marsala chai for savory and CLARIFIED RAW GOAT’S MILK for texture making for an umami experience, sip by sip.



Photo via Signe Birck

There’s Milk Punch on a menu, then there’s a menu of Milk Punch. Such is the case at Betony, where upon request, one can find a little black book listing a selection of the bar’s own reserve variations. If a single selection is more your style, aim for the bespoke Milk Punch on the house menu where you can select your own spirit as the base. Led by general manager and mixologist Eamon Rockey, clarification of the punch key, making for a natural evolution of colors, flavors, and aromas. Our recommendation? The Salted Caramel Apple with white corn whiskey. Your eyes won’t believe what your mouth is tasting.




Photo cred: BlackTail

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