Killer Halloween Nail Art Designs To Try This Year

brains nail art halloween taste the style
Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda

October is seriously the best month out of the year and with it only being October 13th, you’re probably already tired of hearing about it. But, #sorrynotsorry, our relationship with the month is pretty solid, like Kayne loves Kayne solid. While you might be trying to hold on to the last bits of warm weather, we are dressing head to toe in fall gear and sporting dark lipsticks like it’s nobody’s business. Another reason why we love October? Halloween! All Hallows’ Eve isn’t just for the kiddos. We love candy just as much (or maybe even more) than they do, and dressing up is in our blood. Here at Taste The Style, we decided to celebrate the best way we know how: through nail art. While some designs can be pretty cliché and, dare we say it, “cheesy”, we decided to elevate the nail art game by partnering up with OPI to give you guys a fashion-forward take on some killer classics designs.

Okay, we will stop with the nail-biting suspense. Scroll below to see the step-by-step guide of 5 boo-tiful nail art designs that are crazy easy to replicate and a “how-to” on making them last all October long.

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nailart blood, jewelry taste the style

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda. Rings by Bing Bang.


These nails are just killer with splatter of bloody bullet holes and fingerprints. We are practically dying over them.

Colors: Alpine Snow, Big Red AppleLincoln Park After Dark

1. 2 coats of Alpine Snow, covering the whole nail.

2. For the “blood-splatter effect”, use a dotter tool with Big Red Apple to create a tiny pool of nail  polish and take the striper and pull from the pool to create small little lines.

3. For the “finger-print effect”, place a small amount of nail polish on your finger, press together with your fingers, and then press lightly on the based of the nail with Big Red Apple and Lincoln Park After Dark.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.24.37 AM

hot pink fangs nail art taste the style

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda. Rings by Bing Bang & Holly Dyment (skull)


These fangs are bright, bold and pink. There is nothing sucky about this design.

Colors: Strawberry Margarita, black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint

Tip: Use acrylic paint as opposed to nail polish which can get sticky during designing over the first layer. It will wash off easily with a little bit of water.

  1. 2 coats of Strawberry Margarita, covering the whole nail.
  2. On the index finger, take a dotter tool and paint a black ocular shape with the acrylic paint for the opening of the mouth, and then a triangle at the base of the nail for the Cupid’s bow.
  3. Take striping tape and create a “fang” outline. Use white acrylic paint to paint inside the triangle. Wait 15 seconds to let the paint set before removing strips. Tip: If the white paint seeps outside of the fang shape after taking off the striping tape, use black paint to touch up and redefine the fang shape.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.45.36 PM

marble nail art halloween taste the style

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda. Rings by Bing Bang.


Let the fog roll in and over your nails with this chic design. A hint of orange gives it that Halloween feel that we all know and love.

Colors: Steel Waters Run Deep, Alpine Snow, My Gondola or Yours?, It’s a Piazza Cake

  1. This nail art can get a little messy. Border the nails with tape to keep the mess of your hands (pun intended).
  2. Dot paint colors randomly on nail. (Try not to use too much nail polish.)
  3. Take a piece of plastic and lightly press down on the nail polish. And take the striper with black nail polish, and drag throughout to give the nail a more marble effect.
  4. Pull off the tape and use a small paint brush dipped in nail polish remover to remove any excess polish on the skin.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.46.34 PM


Rings by Holly Dyment

Yellow blood-shot eyes are a great way to elevate a simple design. They are truly a spectacle.

Colors: I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Big Red Apple, No Room For The Blues, My Gondola or Yours?, Alpine Snow

  1. Two coats of I Can’t Cope-acabana, covering the whole nail.
  2. With the striper, dip it in Big Red Apple, and draw swirly lines over the yellow base.
  3. With the dotter tool, take No Room For The Blues and carefully place a dot in the middle of the nail.
  4. Take my Gondola Or Yours? and place a dot on top of the blue circle for the pupil.
  5. Then, with Alpine Snow, do another dot on top of the black nail polish.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.30.37 PM

brains nail art halloween taste the style

Photo Cred: Vanessa Granda. Rings by Bing Bang.


We are head over heels over this design. And, we are pretty sure we love them as much as zombies do, too.

Colors: My Vampire is Buff, Java Mauve-a

  1. 2 coats of My Vampire is Buff, covering the whole nail.
  2. Take the dotter tool and draw the outline of the brain as if they are scrunched up together with the nail polish, Java Mauve-a.

And do it all while enjoying this Halloween playlist created by our very own Cyndi Ramirez. Happy Halloweeeen.

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Photography by Vanessa Granda

Special thank you to Heather McLauren for being our killer nail artist. 

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