NYC Eateries Making Healthy Eating Look Cool

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It’s finally happened: Somewhere along the way, you realized you no longer have the metabolism of a 20-year old anymore and need to clean up your act. Perhaps late nights in college or too many UberEats orders are catching up, or maybe you’re just starting to feel like shit. We’ll slurp up a bowl of noodles or take a slice of pizza (or three) any day, but it’s all about #balance, people. When your body is crying out for green things, turn to one of these NYC eateries making healthy chic, not crunchy.

pietro nolita healthy food

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We’re calling it: Pietro Nolita is about to be the hottest restaurant of 2017 among the fashion set. This pink paradise has been opening in stages. They’re currently serving up lighter Italian-style fare for breakfast and dinner, with lunch and brunch coming soon. The name of their game is wholesome and natural (think peppery branzino, carbonara sans the heavy cream — even their pink cocktails are dyed with beet juice. In the long term, Pietro Nolita will be your (figure) friendly neighborhood Italian diner (and our go-to backdrop for photos).


summers healthy food

Photo via Summers

We’re Team East Coast through and through, but the West Coast has the right idea when it comes to clean eats. The owners of Summers were inspired by the California flavors fueling the land of surfing and tanned bods, so they opened up an East-meets-West juice bar and snack shack in Brooklyn. Summers recently expanded to Soho, where they offer sandwiches, acai bowls, juices and smoothies. If you’re always on the go, Summers is a must for avoiding the afternoon crash of a back-to-back day.


springbone healthy food

Photo via Springbone

Tucked away in Greenwich Village, Springbone is pioneering the bone broth trend in New York City. Alongside the vitamin-packed bevy, you can dine on wholesome grain bowls, the dreamiest avocado toast, and roasted chicken with wild rice. Springbone offers everything from a quick snack to a cozy meal. The modern interior provides respite, whether you need an immunity boost or a rainy day pick-me-up.


double zero healthy food

Photo via @doublezeronyc/Instagram

Double Zero is an organic, 100% plant-based concept restaurant by chef Matthew Kenney. The menu is centered around creative interpretations of pizza, with toppings like sunflower seed pesto and macadamia ricotta. In addition, the East Village spot offers Mediterranean-inspired apps, entrees like zucchini noodle lasagna, and a sweet-and-savory brunch menu. If you’re taking a veggie friend out for dinner, Double Zero makes for a fun compromise.


Photo via @twinsbite/Instagram

Photo via @twinsbite/Instagram

You’ve probably seen an aerial shot of the signature Coco & Cru spread by now: The enviable Green bowl, some Bircher muesli, an avocado toast. Think of it as an under-the-radar Bluestone Lane with a larger array of menu offerings (it’s automatically better because they serve wine). The bright Noho spot is quickly becoming the fave of fresh-faced model types and Instagram foodies alike.

baba cool healthy food

Photo via @cleanfooddirtycity/Instagram

Taken from the French for ‘hippie,’ Baba Cool Cafe dishes up colorful meals in Fort Greene.  Think of it as the cool kids’ club for avocado lovers — they even host supper clubs for 6-10 people. While they cater to a variety of dietary restrictions, any French eatery wouldn’t be complete without bacon (they also offer takes on turkey, jerk chicken, and brisket). The menu’s variety of sandwiches, bowls, and — of course — snap-worthy toasts will keep you full and satisfied.

nix healthy food

Photo via Nix

Another concept restaurant making waves is Nix. The vegetarian restaurant draws on the concept of community and celebration to create shareable dishes, with as much emphasis placed on the atmosphere and experience as the food. The menu starts off with Tandoor bread and a variety of dips and takes you around the world, from jicama ribbons and Moroccan spiced carrots to a shiitake cacio e pepe. If you’re one for eating the rainbow, Nix makes for an upscale veg-based meal.

nourish healthy food

Photo via Local Creatives

It’s hard to find a restaurant that claims to be “seasonal” without feeling like you’re stepping onto a farm, but the West Village’s Nourish Kitchen accomplishes just that. Marrying responsibly sourced, local flavors with a modern feel, the cafe’s menu varies weekly, so you know it’s fresh. It’s even got the stamp of approval from our babes at How You Glow. Make Nourish Kitchen your next dinner spot, or take your afternoon meeting with one of their matcha lattes.


ladybird healthy

Photo via New York Mag

Looking for a healthier way to enjoy tapas without sacrificing flavor? Check out Ladybird, an inspired tapas bar boasting plant-based bites. Pass around small plates, toasts, and caramelized veggies, or dig into some truffle fries, risotto, or chardonnay fondue (hey, we said healthier, not healthy, okay?). The unique cocktails are worth the trip in themselves: Ginger, Thai chili, avocado, and coconut green curry give classic drinks a kick. Grab a round of drinks and snacks with your girls and head for the main course after.

rubys healthy food

Photo via Yelp

Ruby’s Cafe is one of those places where you instantly feel cool (perhaps it’s the gorgeous Australian waitstaff?). Though their menu is dotted with burgers and fries, we never regret indulging in their shrimp pasta. Featuring a range of protein-packed veggie and egg options, the brunch at Ruby’s never disappoints. The Aussie influence comes through in their dinner menu, with standout ingredients like grilled fish, roast pumpkin, and grilled haloumi. Ruby’s strikes the perfect blend of smart options and cozy comfort food that you won’t feel guilty about.


Featured image via Vogue

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