A Holiday Thank You

This year has been a doozy and I have so many people to thank. Since I don’t see an acceptance speech at the Oscars in the near future, the blog will do just fine.

2013 kicked off with a busy winter season at Third Wave Fashion, a company that has given me a tremendous amount of opportunities. I’ve helped and watched that company flourish from a small consultancy who aids growing fashion startups, to being a globally sought-out think tank in the burgeoning industry that is “fashion tech.” My boss and mentor, Liza Kindred, has become an in-demand speaker on the future of fashion, even writing a book set to launch in Spring 2014 titled- The Third Wave of Commerce: How We Buy Now. Her guidance and generosity has had a huge effect on my current career path, and I’d like to thank her for her constant support and most importantly, her approval to act upon my own passions.

Through the year, I’ve also launched two projects: 1- Taste the Style and 2- The Eclective. Taste the Style, as some of you may know, is a passion project which allows me to explore the two industries I know and love most – food/restaurants and fashion. I was able to take a blog I started a few of years ago and bring it back to life through the support of my boyfriend, my designer-Paige Hogan- and all of the contributors who have recently jumped on board (Hilliary Latham, Chrissy Pollina, Cara Schweikert, Siu Ki Wan and Sophia Stewart.) A huge honorable mention to Dave Axelrad who takes a ton of my pictures and who is a Cyndi supporter all the way. You’re all so special to me, and I can’t thank you enough for supporting me in this project and helping me grow it from the ground up. I can’t wait for everyone to see all of the treats we have in store for 2014!

The Eclective was a different animal, and it has allowed me to launch a business with my boyfriend, Adam Fulton– a man I owe everything to. Together this year, we have managed to launch this business, kick off a couple of side projects and even squeeze in a couple of unforgettable vacations in between. Collectively, 2014 seems like it’s going to be our busiest, most challenging year, and I look forward to seeing everything through with the man I love most in this world. Thanks to his support and kindness, I am reminded each and every day how blessed I am to have him in my life. Another huge thank you to the lady who has been there since The Eclective’s inception, Carlota Pastor. Oh, and if you’re interested in learning more about The Eclective, go check out Adam and I’s interview on Guest of a Guest— another incredible milestone for us.

I’d also like to thank the people in my life who have met with me when I needed you the most; you have given me the strength needed to take on the entrepreneurial world. It’s because of you that I have more confidence and continue to put myself out there. THANK YOU!

To all of those silent supporters– the ones who “like” my Instagrams, read the blog, or just show your love in your own unique way — I thank you tremendously. And a last but most definitely not least, thank you to my family, especially my passionate mother. She’s my rock, and it’s because of her that I am who I am in the first place: a ferocious and crazy Colombian woman! #TRUTH.

Cheers to a wildly happy 2013. I hope 2014 brings us all closer together, and we continue eating like the fat kids we all are. Love you all!



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